Payment of Fees

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Who is Responsible for the Cost of Services

The client is responsible for costs of services. That can include either the client, the client's spouse, or the client's parents.

Ability to Pay Considerations

No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. North Central Health Care has a discounted or sliding fee schedule available.* Upon enrollment, an application form will be provided to you by Enrollment Services. They will calculate the monthly liability amount that we can bill you for outpatient services based on your financial information. Hospital services are not reduced, but you are required to only make your monthly payment each month.

Some families, because of their financial status, may not receive a billing statement at all. Others will be billed up to the monthly liability amount, or full cost for hospital services.

In order to make application for the reduced fee structure, verification of earned and unearned income is required. The Enrollment staff will need to see your most recent tax return or two (2) recent pay stubs and records of other income. These include social security, veterans and/or pension benefits, self-employment income and rental income. Unearned income to be reported includes interest, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, child support and alimony.

If you have not brought in the necessary verification paperwork at registration, they will make an appointment for you to bring it in at a later time. You will be responsible for the full charges until the reduced fee application has been completed.

For care and services to minors, there is a state imposed maximum payment for non-insured costs. Further information is available.

* Aquatic Therapy Center Services are not eligible for ability to pay and sliding fee arrangements.

Length of Time of Financial Obligation

Unless it is determined you do not have an ability to pay, your monthly payment for outpatient services will be expected until your account has been paid. The minimum monthly payment will be the amount determined when applying for the reduced fee. North Central Health Care does accept MasterCard and VISA for payment of services.

For hospital services you will be expected to make monthly payments until you have paid the total cost of care. For large balances, a compromise settlement may be authorized by the Chief Financial Officer.

Your ability to pay for services is reevaluated on at least an annual basis.

Credit Policy

It is the policy of North Central Health Care to appropriately pursue the collection of all monies due the facility from third party sources, the client, or other responsible parties. Collection procedures are in compliance with the Department of Health & Social Services Uniform Fee System, and State and Federal collection laws.

Monthly payments for the calculated minimum monthly amount are required. Accounts are considered delinquent after 90 days for hospital and outpatient services. Failure to make monthly payments or to make a satisfactory payment arrangement will initiate in-house collection efforts.

If in-house collection efforts are not successful, an account is turned over to a collection agency. All services provided after an account has been referred to a collection agency may be on a cash payment basis until the account has been cleared up.


Your insurance plays an important part in paying for the costs of services. We will make every attempt to collect from your insurance company. North Central Health Care is licensed as a psychiatric hospital and does receive reimbursement from some insurance companies.

Please be aware that some companies limit their coverage to services provided by certain professionals. Others may not pay for outpatient services, and some pay only a portion of the cost and have a deductible, a maximum payment, or a percentage payment feature. Check your insurance policy or discuss your coverage with your place of employment or insurance agent.


North Central Health Care is approved for Medicare reimbursement subject to all Medicare regulations such as co-insurance, deductible and maximum benefits.

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance covers most outpatient services. Clients will be required to pay their co-payment at the time of their appointment.

Missed Appointments & Cancellations

Clients who schedule outpatient mental health, substance abuse, psychiatry, and/or aquatic services are expected to adhere to treatment recommendations to include attending recommended outpatient appointments. A missed appointment or late cancellation is defined as missing an appointment without canceling at least 24 hours or one (1) business day before the scheduled appointment time.

Clients who do not keep their appointment or provide at least one (1) business day/24 hour notice may be subject to same-day appointments only. If a client misses or cancels late three (3) times, we reserve the right to discharge the client from North Central Health Care.

Fee Calculation

North Central Health Care provides various types of assessments, evaluations, therapy and counseling, both individual and group. For these services we do charge a fee. The fees vary with the type of service and with the amount of service provided.

In calculating fees, please note that the therapist includes some preparation and recording time for each individual or group counseling session. In assessments and evaluations we include time spent by the professional staff reading and understanding previous evaluations, scoring tests which have been administered, and report preparation. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please feel free to discuss it with your therapist, or call North Central Health Care at 715.848.4600.


If you have questions, or feel you cannot pay the full amount of your bill, please call North Central Health Care at 715.848.4457 and ask for Patient Accounts, or contact the receptionist at the office where you are receiving services.

Billing Questions?

Please contact our Patient Accounts Team by calling 715.848.4457 or complete our online form and one of our service representatives will follow up with you.

Need Your Medical Records?

Please contact our Health Information Team by calling 715.848.4391 or complete our online form and one of our service representatives will follow up with you. Please note, for confidentiality and security reasons, we cannot email medical records or private health information to you.