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We Can Help You Get to Where You Need to Go

North Central Health Care provides transportation services to people with developmental disabilities and those over the age of 60. We offer:

  • A bus route for elderly and developmentally disabled clients of NCHC that includes stops at Northern Valley Industries, Aurora and NCHC Adult Day Services.
  • An on-demand service to medical and dental appointments for elderly and developmentally disabled people residing in Marathon County.
  • A Disabled American Veterans Van that transports veterans to VA Clinics in Tomah, Madison or Milwaukee.

The transportation team at NCHC is a paratransit service that provides public transportation for persons over 60 or persons with disabilities. Access to this service is limited to persons whose physical or mental disability prevents them from riding Metro Ride buses or the WATS Paratransit Program. The transportation's service was designed to meet the needs of clients that live outside of the public transportation (city buses) service area or those that are in need of door-through-door services who do not have other resources for transportation. Due to other resources available, we do not provide transportation for Medical Assistance or Family Care clients. Our service area is outside the Wausau Area Paratransit Program to the Marathon County Line.

Door-Through-Door Services

This is a door-through-door service, meaning that the van will pull up at the origin of your ride and assist you out of your residence and get you into the doors at your destination. The van driver will come to the door and will provide you assistance to get you in and out of the van. MCTP is a shared-ride service, meaning that you may be sharing your ride with other passengers. We try to combine passenger trips as much as possible to increase efficiency and appropriately utilize available funding.

Service Area

Services are provided to residents of Marathon County only.

Transportation Service Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm, with the last return pick up @ 4:00 PM.

Certification of Eligibility

Eligibility is determined for all applicants through an application process. Once you have been certified to use the Transportation Services at NCHC, you will be able to use our services for as long as needed. The only exception to this would be someone who has been certified with a temporary disability. This will be decided on a case by case basis for temporary certification.

Contact Information

Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Phone: 715.841.5101 or 715.848.4555 Fax: 715.845.5398

Scheduling Your Ride

Call at least two working days in advance. All rides are to be scheduled for specific times (including return rides). Be sure to allow plenty of time to finish your appointment in order to meet the vehicle at your scheduled pick up time, so that No Show will not be incurred. When scheduling a ride, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your pick-up address?
  • On what date do you wish to travel?
  • What time is your appointment time/what time do you need to be at your destination?
  • What is the street address of your destination?
  • Will you be traveling with a Personal Care Attendant (PCA)?
  • What time will you be done with your appointment?

Alternative Travel Times

NCHC Transportation Services try to combine passenger rides whenever possible. You may be asked to schedule your ride up to one (1) hour before for a “to” trip or one (1) hour after your desired travel time on a “from” trip. If this is the situation, you will be informed of this the day before.

Subscription Service

Subscription Service is available for recurring rides (i.e.: dialysis). Reservations can be made in advance for periods of 2 to 12 months. Three (3) cancellations of the same subscription ride in a one (1) month period will result in the loss of subscription service, and future reservations will be required on a two-day advance only basis.

When to be Ready for Pick-up

Be ready 15 minutes prior to your pick up time, because the driver will only wait five (5) minutes upon the arrival. If the rider is not ready at the pick-up location within five (5) minutes, the driver will leave and the ride will be recorded as a No-Show.

Where to Wait

You should be waiting at your front door at your residence for your ride to the appointment or the front door of the facility for your ride from the appointment. When the van pulls up, the van driver will come to the door to provide assistance.

Boarding Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

All mobility devices will be secured to the van. Transportation Services ar NCHC will accommodate standard wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices. Mobility devices cannot exceed 48” in length, 30” in width and 600 lbs. in total weight. If you have mobility devices that do not meet these standards, contact us to see how we can accommodate your needs. We do not provide wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Drop Off

The driver will assist the rider out of the van and into the door at their destination. If the rider needs assistance after they are at the facility, a PCA must be available. MCTP does not provide personal care attendant services. If a personal care attendant is not available, the driver will wait five (5) minutes and then return the rider to the origin of their trip.

For more information, or to coordinate transportation, contact NCHC Transportation Services at 715.841.5101.