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Combative. Resistive. Wanderer. Sundowner. Feeder. Angry.

These are the words people use to describe people living with dementia. Your words, language and attitude shape perceptions. What is your approach? How does this affect others? What is your reaction? How much do you know about yourself, your team and your impact?

This full-day, innovative dementia care workshop is designed for caregivers to administrators, regardless of where you work; a nursing home, CBRF, group home, or if you provide hospice or home based care.

If you would like to schedule a private training event for your group please contact Cagney Martin at or call 715.848.4482 for more details.

*There is an additional $25 fee when applying for CEU units.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience with intense and interactive training that will re-frame your behavior instead of “managing” that of the person with dementia. Perfect for CNA’s, Administrators, In-home Health Care, Hospice or other types of Caregivers.

Things you will NOT learn at this event:

  • Kinds of Dementia
  • Facts on Dementia
  • Textbook materials

What you WILL Learn at this event:

  • Self-improvement!
  • Affecting and influencing culture!
  • Seeing a different way to think about dementia!

Upon completion of the workshop, professional caregivers will be able to:

  • Identify situations where their own behavior could be a factor
  • Take common symptoms associated with dementia and phrase them into positive statements
  • Promote an overall environment of positive language and behaviors when working with people with dementia

This full day of innovative, intense and interactive dementia care workshop will re-frame YOUR behavior. Each session is limited to the first 50 participants to keep learning focused, personal, interactive and fun.

picture of two female staff workersAbout the Presenters

Merry Wimmer and Cagney Martin have spoken at local, statewide, (Alzheimer's Association, Adult Protective Services, FOCUS, and others) and national conferences (Pioneer Network) regarding the beneficial aspects of Stop, Starting It! training. While working together at North Central Health Care's nationally recognized nursing home, Mount View Care Center, the team has studied, evaluated and spoken extensively on psychotropic medications, language, resident centered care and other topics related to the care of elderly and those living with dementia. In November of 2015, the WI State Assembly Speaker's Task Force on Alzheimer's and Dementia visited North Central Health Care in Wausau, WI to research techniques and practices while gathering feedback from leaders. The Task Force used this information to create initiatives and training to be communicated across the state of Wisconsin, as well as guide legislation on dementia care in Wisconsin.

Stop, Starting It! training has existed at North Central Health Care for about nine years. During that time the workshop has been delivered to a variety of consumers including Wausau EMS, Wausau Downtown Memory Café, staff, family, volunteers of NCHC and many community members.

Stop, Starting It! was originally made possible by a grant from the State of Wisconsin - Department of Health Services Civil Money Penalty Funds Grant. Due to the success of the program and high demand, we have continued the program without the grant in order to make the workshops available to all caregivers, without limitation to where they work.

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