Our Philosophy

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Addiction Treatment

We believe that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a primary, progressive, predictable and chronic illness. We believe that unless this illness is intervened upon it will cause significant problems in all areas of life – emotional, physical, spiritual, social, familial, educational, and vocational.

It is our goal to provide the best possible intervention and treatment of this disease. It is also our goal to provide a continuum of care that will best address the needs of every individual at each level of their recovery process. We intend to accomplish this in the most professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner available to us.

Every Person Receives Personalized Care

As a multidisciplinary team, we will evaluate, share our knowledge, strength, and support to provide a positive healing environment for each individual and his or her family. Every person will be treated as an individual with unique and varying problems that will be worked on throughout treatment. Through this experience, we hope to empower individuals and their family to fully participate in the program. Through this participation, we hope to improve the quality of their lives through the use of education, group therapy, family program, individual session, process groups, and therapeutic recreation.

We believe that each individual has the ability to learn to manage this disease and to achieve better balance in their lives through healthy, sober living.

We believe that we need to bring this philosophy to our community and will do so whenever possible. In doing so, there will be a better understanding of this disease, the effects on the individual, on the family, and on the community as a whole.

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