Mount View Care Center is Accepted into Wisconsin Music & Memory Initiative

Wisconsin Music and Memory InitiativeNorth Central Health Care Mount View Care Center has been chosen as one of the one hundred nursing homes to participate in the Wisconsin Music & Memory Initiative. Over 230 nursing homes applied to be part of the program. "We’re excited to be able to bring the benefits of personalized music to so many residents", state Melissa Stockwell, music therapist at Mount View Care Center.

The Music & Memory Initiative will fully fund one hundred nursing homes to become certified as a Music & Memory facility and provide the equipment needed for 15 residents with dementia to experience personalized music. Mount View Care Center staff will be invited to attend three 90-minute training sessions provided by Dan Cohen, founder of Music & Memory, to explain how the program works and how families and staff can create personalized playlists for their residents. WI Department of Health Services will host regular support sessions to discuss successes and problem solve challenges. Mount View Care Center will also participate in a research study to measure the effectiveness of the program for future planning.

To learn more how the Music & Memory Initiative will enhance the lives of our residents at Mount View Care Center, we are pleased to share this video from

Watch a video of a man in nursing home reacts to hearing music from his era.