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  • Care & Understanding in Hospice Skilled Nursing

    You have an exceptional employee in your hospice named Michelle, who cared for my husband during his end-of-life journey. Michelle is a confident person in her profession with a calm and patient manner, I found these qualities very comforting as my ...

  • Ventilator Dependent Care Skilled Nursing

    She was like a beautiful leopard, who rose above the ground and she said "Not Ah Again i am back on the vent again". And to hear those words, Mount View Care Center saved her life once she got there. In all honesty, this lady has a beautiful heart and is known ...

  • Patient Story Mental Health Services

    I recently stayed at North Central Health Care and I had the pleasure of working with Krystal on the Crisis unit. There was a lot of miscommunication during my stay which had me a bit upset but Krystal was super understanding, super nice and went out of her ...

  • Thankful for Pine Crest Skilled Nursing

    Very thankful for what the staff has done for me here to recover.

  • A Happy Patient at Pine Crest

    Everyone was wonderful. I can walk better and able to get back home. No complaints. The private room was very nice.

  • Life is Full of Laughs at Pine Crest Skilled Nursing

    I received great care and the food was out of this world! The mattress was so comfortable, much better than any other bed. The staff have a great sense of humor. I brought joke books and shared with staff, who enjoyed (them) with me. If I can make people ...

  • Pine Crest Review Skilled Nursing

    Comfortable place. I felt the staff know what they are doing!

  • Mount View Care Center Appreciation Skilled Nursing

    I want to thank and commend you and your department for the care, kindness, and encouragement they have shown and given me and I have seen them also give other residents here. There were times when I struggle to breathe or times you just feel like giving up ...

  • A Man of Many Hats Skilled Nursing

    Our Dad has worn many hats, figuratively and literally, all of his life. He was a son, brother, soldier, husband, father, friend, neighbor, farmer, Legionnaire, butcher, town treasurer — and the list goes on. Over the years his head has been crowned with a ...

  • Jonathon's Testimonial Skilled Nursing

    In March of 2010 my son was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) — it is often called Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is a serious neurological disease that causes muscle weakness, disability and eventually death. In my son’s case the disease quickly ...

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Showing of 18 stories.