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realistic job previews at North Central Health Care

Wondering What It's Like to Work at NCHC?

You can find out more about specific jobs right here – directly from employees who work here! You can read about the nuts and bolts of the job to the ups and downs of many positions available! These realistic job previews are created by our employees to help you decide if a career at NCHC is a good fit for you! Also, you get a realistic preview of who you will be working with and expected job duties to help guide your decision.

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Choose between the direct care or support staff positions below to view a list of realistic job previews and videos.

Direct Care and Service Providers
These employees provide direct, hands on care to patients, residents or clients in departments like Aquatic Therapy, and Behavioral Health Services; positions like Nurses, CNAs, Developmental Disability Aides, just to name a few.

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Administrative and Support Positions
These positions provide limited direct care but instead support the organization in running business operations in departments like Financial Services, Enrollment, Housekeeping, Clerical, and Communications.

Featured Realistic Job Preview: Housekeeping Aide

See what it's like to work at North Central Health Care as a Housekeeping Aide. Laurie Kleinschmidt takes us on a behind the scenes look as we walk in her shoes for a day. Find out what makes this experience a great fit for her. Is this the career for you? Read the full Realistic Job Preview here!

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