Aquatic Therapy Center

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Welcome to Our New Aquatic Therapy Facility!

North Central Health Care’s Aquatic Physical Therapy Center opened in early 2020, launching the areas first and only Warm Water Therapy program. Engineered specifically for rehabilitation and maintenance, the Warm Water Therapy Pool has a few key features to note:

The Warm Water Therapy Pool is kept at an above average temperature of 90 degrees year round. Elevated water temperatures offer a variety of benefits, but it primarily enhances blood flow, to helping soothe stiff joints and tired muscles allowing clients a pain-free exercise, therapy or weight loss option often resulting in faster rehabilitation from various surgeries or injuries.

The Warm Water Therapy Pool is shallow, ranging between three to five and a half feet. The shallow depths allow a wide range of clients to utilize the facility. Being able to swim is not necessary to take advantage of warm water therapy, however a lifeguard is always on duty whenever to pool is providing services.

Use of the Aquatic Physical Therapy Center requires a Physician referral, which is available for download here. For more information on the referral process, visit our make a referral page.

Warm Water Therapy Program

Under the direction of a physician, North Central Health Care’s licensed physical therapists devise a treatment plan using water as both a supporting, gravity-reducing environment and a conditioning medium. The therapists use the buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and warmth of the water to relax muscles, support submerged joints, and reduce or eliminate axial weight bearing, resulting in a reduction of pain. With the ability to “float” the patient, the therapist is also able to use positional and ranging techniques that are impossible on land. The therapist can also employ the density and viscosity of the water to provide proprioceptive input for gait and balance training without danger of impact injury from falling, and to introduce exercises to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular conditioning. Upon discharge, the therapist provides each patient with a self-directed exercise program for pool and home use.

For additional Warm Water Therapy information, click here.

Aquatic Facility Hours:

Monday & Wednesday | 7:30am – 4:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday | 7:30am – 5:30pm

Friday | 7:30am – 1:30pm

Aquatic Facility use by appointment only.

For additional information about the pool schedule, fees and rules visit here: Aquatic Schedule and Fees.