Crisis Services

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You Don’t Have to Manage a Crisis Alone

A mental health emergency can come in any form and at any time. At North Central Health Care, we’ll help assess the situation and ensure you receive the support and resources you need.

Our 24/7 Crisis Center and Suicide Prevention Line is staffed by resourceful, knowledgeable people trained to assist with urgent mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse needs.

Crisis Center: 1150 Lake View Drive, Wausau 54403
Emergency and crisis care are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. No appointments are required. Serving Langlade, Lincoln, and Marathon Counties.

Crisis Hotline 715.845.4326 or 800.799.0122. Or dial 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Network. Please note: Calling 988 will not route directly to NCHC Crisis Services, but you will be helped by the National Suicide Prevention Network and answered by a regional center who may assist you.

For those with hearing or speech difficulties, please dial 711 to connect with the WI Relay Service. When you dial 711, a communications assistant will connect you with the NCHC Crisis Hotline. Please provide the operator with the number 715.845.4326. English and Spanish translation is available through 711. For more information about 711, please visit WI Relay 711.

What is a Mental Health Emergency?

A mental health emergency is very different from a physical emergency, but it is just as important that the patient receives care as quickly as possible. It can be difficult to identify a mental health emergency in another person. You cannot know what is going on in their mind or how serious their trauma is. In many cases, it is up to the person themselves to reach out if they believe they are having a crisis. However, there are a few signs that someone is having a mental health crisis.

Symptoms of a mental health crisis may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden mood swings
  • Panicked, non-stop talking
  • Threatening behavior
  • Refusal to speak to anyone
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Agitation and an inability to sit still
  • Confusion and irrational thoughts
  • Paranoia
  • Talk of suicide