Walk-in & Mobile Crisis Care

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Walk-in Crisis Care

North Central Health Care offers Walk-in Crisis Care services for individuals facing immediate mental health challenges. Our dedicated team is ready to provide timely intervention, support, and counseling to help manage crises effectively. Whether you're experiencing acute distress, anxiety, or other mental health issues, our Walk-in Crisis Care services aim to address your needs promptly.

At our Walk-in Crisis Care centers, individuals can access professional assistance without an appointment. The services include crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, counseling, and guidance on available community resources. Our experienced staff, including psychiatrists, clinicians, and registered nurses, is committed to offering immediate support and helping you navigate through the challenges you're facing. If you or someone you know requires urgent mental health assistance, visit our Walk-in Crisis Care centers for compassionate and effective care.

Mobile Crisis Care

North Central Health Care's state-certified Mobile Crisis Team is available to respond to individuals experiencing a mental health emergency who cannot make it to the Crisis Center. Whether you or a loved one are facing a crisis, our team can intervene to prevent escalation, offer de-escalation support, provide confidential in-person and telephone counseling, and suggest community-based alternatives to potentially avoid psychiatric hospitalization.

Mobile crisis teams address various situations, including suicidal ideation, harm towards others, irrational substance-induced behaviors, and intense parent-child disputes. If you or someone you know needs help and can't move from your location, contact our team for immediate assistance.

Our dedicated team comprises psychiatrists, master-level clinicians, registered nurses, and staff with specialized training in emergency and crisis services. They are equipped to guide you through the current crisis and remain a supportive presence to ensure you receive the necessary care moving forward.

Mobile Crisis Teams are available 24/7 by calling North Central Health Care Crisis Services at 1.800.799.0122.