Common Questions

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What are the Numbers to Call?

Toll-Free Call connecting you to Crisis Support in the Marathon, Langlade and Lincoln Counties.

Connecting you to Crisis Support in Marathon, Langlade and Lincoln Counties.

988 - National Suicide & Crisis Hotline connecting you to assistance in U.S. This number is not a direct dial to NCHC Crisis Services.

For those with hearing or speech difficulties, please dial 711 to connect with the WI Relay Service. When you dial 711, a communications assistant will connect you with the NCHC Crisis Hotline. Please provide the operator with the number 715.845.4326. English and Spanish translation is available through 711. For more information about 711, please visit WI Relay 711.

Crisis Center: 1150 Lake View Drive, Wausau 54403
Emergency and crisis care available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
No appointments required. Serving Langlade, Lincoln and Marathon Counties.

What is CART?

The Crisis Assessment Response team (CART) is a specially trained team with members from the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office, the Wausau Police Department and North Central Health Care who respond to crisis situations in Marathon County.

Goals of the program:

  • Reduce the number of individuals taken into custody through emergency detentions.
  • Provide community based mental health stabilization services.
  • Connect individuals to community programs and social supports.
  • Provide positive police interactions for individuals living with mental illness.

Who is served at the Crisis Center?

The Crisis Center serves all ages; Anyone that is having a crisis related to mental health or alcohol/drug issues can be served in some capacity. The crisis center also answers the Adult/Elder At Risk emergency line after business hours and triages for Adult Protective Services (APS) until an APS social worker is available.

Where is the Crisis Center?

The Crisis Center is located at 1150 Lakeview Drive, Wausau, on the North Central Health Care campus. Upon arriving to the facility, follow the signs to the Crisis Center, driving around the back of the building. Park in one of the designated spots in the front of parking lot J. Enter door number 58 to contact and enter the Crisis Center.