NCCSP Board of Directors Appoints Loy as CEO of North Central Health Care

Community Updates

Michael Loy(Wausau, WI) The North Central Community Services Program (NCCSP) Board voted on Thursday, October 26 to appoint Michael Loy as CEO of North Central Health Care (NCHC). The Board’s appointment of Mr. Loy will now be forwarded to the County Boards of Langlade, Lincoln and Marathon counties for their final approval. After final approval, Mr. Loy will begin his role of CEO effective December 1st.

The Retained County Authority (RCA) Committee, comprised of four representatives from Marathon, Langlade and Lincoln Counties will provide an independent recommendation of the appointment to the three respective county boards.

“The NCCSP Board of Directors is very pleased to appoint Michael Loy to lead NCHC. Under his current leadership as Interim CEO, NCHC has shown continuous growth and stability as well as create and build upon partnerships and programs that will allow the organization to be successful not only for the next five years, but looking out further to the next fifty years. His leadership and vision are rooted in his strong work ethic and core values. It has been an honor to work with him on the alignment of community services for our three counties,” Jeff Zriny, NCCSP Board Chair.

As part of the CEO hiring process, the Executive Committee of the NCCSP Board reviewed and interviewed candidates from across the United States, before making a final decision to appoint Loy. Loy has served as Interim CEO of NCHC since February of 2016 after the retirement of former NCHC CEO Gary Bezucha. North Central Health Care is jointly sponsored by Marathon, Langlade and Lincoln Counties to provide compassionate and specialized care for over 12,500 people with complex behavioral and skilled nursing needs with a total Annual Budget of approximately $68 Million. Services are provided for mental health, substance abuse, crisis, developmental disabilities, adult protection, aquatic physical therapy and skilled nursing care.

For more information, please contact:
North Central Health Care, Jessica Meadows, Marketing & Communications
1100 Lake View Drive - Wausau, WI 54403