A Daughter's Testimonial

I'd like to congratulate you and thank you for the outstanding service you are providing to this area.  My mother was admitted to Evergreen Place dementia unit on April 3.  She was at the end stages of Alzheimer's.  She could be combative during "cares."  She was described as "crabby" and "mean" at the assisted living unit she had been living.  I had looked at other privately owned facilities.  Their recommendation was medication which my mother poorly tolerated (had tried 6 psychotropics) if they would take her at all.  When I called Rebekka, your social worker, she assured me it was the approach that determined behavior.  She gave me a tour of the dementia units on the same day I called.  No matter who I called at your facility, she answered her phone. Everything seemed more than I could have hoped for in the care of my mother.  It didn't end there.  During my mother's stay, I continued to be more and more impressed by the level of knowledge and skill in treating dementia, the kindness and caring of the staff for clients and families and the attitude of everyone I met, including in the halls.  My mother was once again sweet and loving as she always had been.

It is also a reflection of what you are doing in your position.  It is to my great delight that an institution run by a government agency is providing such superior service.  In my experience private ownership and corporations haven't been able to give this level of care for dementia.  It is not that I don't support private enterprise - I have owned a small business for 27 years.

Thank you for your work and please continue to provide this fantastic program to the community.