Mary Ann's Testimonial

I had lots of anxiety in the Milwaukee facility.  The treatment was poor.  I was sent to the hospital because I had atrial fibrillation. 

My daughter found out they had an opening at Northwinds Vent Community, so the timing was right.  I had to learn to trust again.  When I came I had a Foley, a food tube, a ventilator, an open heart surgery wound, and a belly wound.  Baby steps are the key.  There's good communication here. 

When I was in Milwaukee, my daughter cried all the way home from visiting me.  Here, the regular meetings with Tim (social worker) really helped.  He kept her up-to-date on my progress and she could ask questions.  I did something new every week, but they didn't push me.  Now, I'm off the ventilator, I've had my trach and food tube taken out, and I walk to meals, go to the activity room to play cards at least three times a week, and I help people in the dining room.  They tell me I'm an inspiration.

This is a really nice place, like my parent's cottage by the water.  I think water is healing!