Foundation Achievements

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The North Central Health Care Foundation raises money through a fundraising program called Just Like Us which hosts live shows that aim to empower others through inspiring stories and performances. Money raised is used to fund the Voyages of Growth Program which creates activities and travel opportunities for people with disabilities.

Just Like Us

Thanks to the generosity of all those attending and sponsoring, the 2016 Just Like Us event raised $9,580 to support the programs and services for those with mental illness, developmental disabilities and our elderly. Thank you!

Your support will touch the lives of so many families and individuals throughout Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade Counties – from newborn babies and adults with developmental disabilities, to those coping with mental illness, to the elderly living with dementia.

Voyages for Growth

Voyages for Growth, a program funded by generous donations from our community to North Central Health Foundation, was developed to provide opportunities for participants to grow and expand their level of interest and community engagement through unique travel experiences.

Removing Barriers

Every day, North Central Health Care works with individuals of all ages to provide diverse opportunities to empower decision making, provide support to establish independence, and promote community integration. Often, individuals with disabilities are not able to obtain many typical life experiences. There are many financial and physical barriers preventing individuals with physical and mental disabilities from successful and enjoyable life experiences. We are removing those barriers!

Collaboration for Success

Voyages for Growth is collaborating with a professional travel agency that specializes in custom travel arrangements for those with disabilities. Teamed with familiar faces from North Central Health Care and the experts from Hammer Travel, each individual in North Central Health Care’s Residential Program will experience the opportunity of a lifetime in unique vacation travel!

Empower & Motivate!

Upon approval from each individual or guardian, all the Voyagers will take part not only in choosing their destination, but planning, organizing and setting goals for their unique trip.

The benefits for our voyagers:

  • Stimulate personal growth and social development through individual interests
  • Stimulate interest in community and positive state of mind through a sense of belonging
  • Promote physical health through active engagement and participation
  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Build self-confidence and awareness
  • Motivate and drive social development

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