Family Support Services

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You Can Help Your Loved One End Their Addiction

Families often want to support each other when someone with an addiction begins treatment. This can be hard for all parties involved, but receiving encouragement and support from family is often a major asset for people working to overcome their addictions.

Individuals struggling with smoking, gambling, drug, or alcohol addiction need a support network to help them succeed. After all, recovery doesn’t solely happen in a therapy session — it has to be a part of daily living. North Central Health Care offers a three-hour long Family Program session for friends and family that can help you better understand your loved one’s addiction, treatment, and challenges they will face on a daily basis after treatment. Attendance is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

This service is not just about understanding your loved one- we are also here to help you prepare for the challenges you may face supporting someone in recovery. This is a new experience for most people, and understanding the process and what may be expected of you can help you prepare for the road ahead.