Lakeside Recovery

Lakeside Recovery

Lakeside Recovery is NOW OPEN! For questions, referrals, assessments and admissions, please contact the Lakeside Recovery Referral Coordinator at 715.848.4483.

Substance Use Treatment Center

North Central Health Care offers state-certified, medically monitored treatment services in a safe, sober environment that supports recovery from substance use.

Lakeside Recovery is operated 24 hours a day in a community-based setting located on the shores of Lake Wausau on the 17-acre North Central Health Care Campus. The program provides observation, monitoring, and treatment by a multi-disciplinary team. Our goal is to evaluate, educate, empower, and provide unwavering support in creating a positive healing environment for each individual in our program. We understand that each person comes to us with their own distinct set of circumstances and challenges, and we are dedicated to addressing these unique needs throughout the entire treatment process. Our dedicated team of Behavioral Health Professionals, Therapists, and Substance Abuse Counselors work together to provide comprehensive care and support for our clients.

Services are available to residents in the counties of Marathon, Langlade, and Lincoln.

The Facility

Lakeside Recovery, a state-of-the-art coed facility built in 2023, provides a nurturing environment for adults on their recovery journey from substance use. With 8 modern double occupancy bedrooms, the facility offers ample private and group spaces, including breathtaking panorama windows that flood the space with natural light and overlook the serene Wisconsin River.

Embracing an open-concept floor plan, Lakeside Recovery is designed to foster peace and well-being. Combined with the sense of community, Lakeside Recovery offers a comprehensive setting that promotes well-being and facilitates positive transformation in the lives of those seeking recovery.

Our Approach to Treatment

Each person’s recovery is unique to their situation, and each person deserves a safe, sober, and supportive environment so they may recover effectively.

Treatment programs include a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery including programs such as:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Skills - (DBT)
  • Individual Counseling
  • Substance Use Education (Alcohol and Other Drugs)
  • Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Education
  • Creativity for Healing
  • Introduction to Community-Based Recovery Groups
  • Coping Skills Groups

Admission Process

Referral for Care

Participants may be referred to Lakeside Recovery through a referral from a provider, community partner, family member or by self-referring. During the initial assessment process, our compassionate team engages in open and supportive discussions to understand your goals and desires for change, and to tailor our approach to your unique needs and circumstances. We believe that involving you from the start is key to building a strong foundation for your recovery journey.

The first step in recovery is cleansing the body of substances through detoxification. This process may take place at a North Central Health Care detoxification program on the Wausau Campus, or a primary care or general hospital.

During the assessment phase of the admission process, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the appropriate level of care for each individual. This assessment can be done through a phone or in-person screening, allowing us to gather essential information about the individual’s specific needs and challenges. As part of this process, we utilize the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria, a comprehensive tool that guides our evaluation and helps us identify the most effective treatment approach. By understanding each person’s unique circumstances, we can tailor our treatment plans to provide the necessary support for their successful recovery journey.

Medical Screening
Before admission to the program, a thorough medical evaluation is mandatory. The referral coordinator can aid in scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician to ensure the client is free from withdrawal symptoms or arrange detox services if needed. This step also ensures that all medical requirements are addressed before admission, including the coordination of any prescribed medications. Clients must maintain sobriety after the medical evaluation is completed.

Detoxification (if needed)

Detoxification serves as a crucial first step in your recovery journey. This process involves cleansing your body of substances and managing withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. Depending on your unique circumstances, low-level detoxification may take place at North Central Health Care on the Wausau Campus or in collaboration with a primary care or general hospital. Our priority is to ensure your comfort, safety, and well-being throughout this essential phase.

Upon your arrival at Lakeside Recovery, our staff will conduct an initial drug screen (clients must be sober upon admission) and will check in your belongings. After check-in, you will complete an AODA assessment and start your treatment planning. Our team will then assist you in getting situated in your room, ensuring you have the essentials for a comfortable stay. As you begin to acclimate to your surroundings, our comprehensive orientation program will familiarize you with the facility, the treatment schedule, facility rules, and the various services available to support your recovery.

For more information, questions, referrals, assessments and admissions, please contact the Lakeside Recovery Referral Coordinator, Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm: 715.848.4483.