Treatment Programming

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Addiction Treatment in Central Wisconsin

Lakeside Recovery introduces eight key concepts that help those in recovery gain understanding, motivation, and management strategies that will be useful tools throughout their life.

Getting Started helps participants engage in services. It offers an opportunity for self-exploration. Participants explore the reasons they are entering a program for addictive behaviors and prepare for the recovery work that lies ahead.

Identifying Substance Using Behaviors provides basic information about substance-related disorders. Participants gain a clear understanding of the effects alcohol and other drugs have on their bodies, minds, and lives.

Anger explores the participants’ reactions to adversity in their daily lives. The program helps participants learn to effectively manage anger through the development of practical skills.

Steps to Spirituality introduces participants to spirituality as part of their recovery. Participants will develop a spiritual base for their recovery.

Self-Worth is something people often struggle with when entering treatment. Exploring this aspect of themselves helps them identify their core values and expectations in order to create a solid foundation for recovery.

Successful Living with a Co-occurring Disorder is designed specifically for individuals who have a co-occurring disorder. It helps participants understand the facts and challenges regarding their addiction and mental health disorder.

Life Management offers practical tips to help participants get their lives back in order. The focus is to provide information about sleep, nutrition, finances, time management, leisure time, and stress management.

Recovery Maintenance provides participants with cognitive strategies and behavioral skills training to help achieve positive and lasting change. Participants explore their common risk factors for returning to addictive behaviors. Emphasis is placed on the range of exit strategies participants can employ during times of risk.

Continuum of Care

Proper treatment for substance abuse and addiction is key in the recovery process. Treatment may incorporate counseling, training, and educational services with a variety of treatment approaches and techniques. The length of each person’s treatment varies based on their need and rate of progress.

North Central Health Care has developed several levels of programming to best meet each person’s individual needs throughout their recovery.

Upon completion of the Lakeside Recovery Medically Monitored Treatment Program, individuals will have a customized care plan that may incorporate other programming within the North Central Health Care continuum of care to ensure successful recovery.

  • Lake View Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF)
  • Substance Abuse Day Treatment
  • Outpatient Services
  • Community Treatment
  • Community Corner Clubhouse