Community Corner Clubhouse

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Helping People Build Better Lives

We help adults with persistent mental illness and AODA issues realize their potential by providing them with a Clubhouse where they can meet friends, build self-confidence, learn valuable life skills and discover untapped talents. Community Corner Clubhouse is an internationally-certified, psychosocial rehabilitation community that provides accessible, low-cost services in a supportive environment. Clubhouse membership is voluntary and without time limits — offering members to choose the services they need when they need them.

Clubhouse aims to provide a space where genuine support and connection are coupled with access to resources and education to help members realize and access their full potential. Located at 811 North 3rd Avenue in Wausau, Clubhouse is also a place for members to meet socially and provides a space to meet friends, deepen connection, build self-confidence, learn valuable life skills and discover untapped talents.

Community Corner Clubhouse is located at 811 North 3rd Ave. in Wausau, WI and is open Monday – Friday 8 am - 4 pm and Tuesdays until 6 pm.

Clubhouse helps empower members by offering:

  • Vocational support. We help members return to competitive employment by offering a variety of opportunities.
  • Transitional Employment. Competitive, part-time employment that lasts 6-9 months.
  • Supported Employment. Job development, job coaching, and long term support for member.
  • Independent Employment. Assistance in sustaining long term employment.
  • Educational opportunities. We partner with community adult educators to offer a variety of classes for members.
  • Housing assistance. We help members find safe, affordable housing.

For more on past activities at Community Corner Clubhouse check out the Clubhouse Newsletter, created by members.

To schedule a tour of the Clubhouse or obtain more information, contact Mike Frankel at 715.370.4626 or

Contact Clubhouse by phone at 715.843.1926, email or secure fax line for applications 715.261.0312 fax.

Clubhouse Hours

Monday – Friday, 8 am - 4 pm
Tuesday, 8 am - 6 pm

Become a Clubhouse Member

For an application to join Community Corner Clubhouse, please click here.

Interested in Donating to Community Corner Clubhouse?

You may donate to support Community Corner Clubhouse through our North Central Health Foundation's secure donation site, MightyCause. You may visit the full MightyCause Clubhouse Donation Page, or use the easy donate option shown below.