Regional Quality Forums

Community Updates

The Department of Health Services, Division of Quality Assurance (DQA), held a Regional Quality Forum at North Central Health Care on Thursday, June 7. All nursing facilities within the DQA Northern Region were invited to attend. Quality forums will be held within each of the DQA nursing home survey regions. The purpose of the Quality Forums is to create additional opportunities for the DQA and the provider community to share information, address regulatory issues and concerns, and advance quality improvement efforts.

The forum agenda included discussion on a number of important topics, including infection control and citing policies, top survey concerns, DQA-provider relationships, and quality improvement efforts. There was also an interactive session on issues or concerns identified by the provider community. 

Otis Woods, DQA Administrator; Juan Flores, Director, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care; Jessica Radtke, Northern Regional Field Operations Director; and Vicky Griffin, DQA Nurse Consultant, participated in the meeting.