Elder Abuse Awareness Week 2024

Community Updates

Elder abuse is a critical and often hidden issue that impacts countless older adults each year. Our mission is to shine a light on this problem by raising awareness, providing resources, and supporting victims and their caregivers in recognizing and preventing elder abuse. From June 10-15, NCHC will be sharing a variety of information, statistics, and reminders on how to keep elders safe. On June 15, we ask our community to join us in wearing purple all day to raise awareness of the need for elder abuse prevention and to share information. Resources are available on our website at www.norcen.org/ElderAbuse.


Elder abuse can manifest in various forms, including physical, emotional, sexual, financial abuse, and neglect. It can occur in homes, community settings, or institutional care facilities. Recognizing the signs and understanding the risks are essential first steps in safeguarding our elderly loved ones.

This week, we spotlight a range of resources, statistics, and essential information to raise awareness about this serious issue affecting nearly 1 in 10 elders. Educate yourself and become an ally for one of our most vulnerable populations.

Join us in our efforts to protect and empower older adults, ensuring they live with dignity and respect.

Let’s work together to end elder abuse!

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