Community Corner Clubhouse Receives Grant from Aspirus Health Foundation to Expand Wellness Initiatives

North Central Health Care Community Corner Clubhouse is excited to announce the acceptance of a $10,000 grant from the Aspirus Health Foundation to implement a program for the continual expansion of wellness initiatives for individuals with serious, persistent and chronic mental illness and also issues with weight and obesity. The program will address nutrition, physical exercise, and lifestyle changes through support, counseling and behavior modification methods.

This plan will provide Clubhouse Members increased education regarding health and wellness issues. Presentations will be held at Community Corner Clubhouse one time per month and range in topics from meditation, alternative medical treatments, to men’s and women’s health issues. Also included will be wellness coaching. Members will be able to meet bi-monthly to discuss meal options, peer specialists will be available for grocery shopping assistance, meal prep and preparing weekly evening meals at Clubhouse with members to take home with them.

A focus of the grant allocation will be spent in the kitchen unit. Community Corner Clubhouse will be able to offer free healthier breakfasts for members. The cost of lunches will be reduced and will include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as milk with every meal. Community Corner Clubhouse hopes that by offering this type of service to members, they will provide inspiration to make healthy choices and promote healthier lifestyles.

Community Corner Clubhouse is a voluntary program that helps adults with persistent mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction issues realize their potential by providing them a Clubhouse atmosphere where they can meet friends, build self confidence and gain vocational and educational skills to support their recovery.