Special Celebration for Mount View Care Center Resident

By Nancy Yousef, Anchor

A 95-year-old Wausau woman got a special celebration Thursday.

For decades Selma Zastrow used to own a cafe in downtown Wausau.

Diner signs, aprons, and coffee pot centerpieces, it's a special homage to 95-year-old Zastrow.

"I think it was the grandest thing I've ever saw," said Zastrow.

Soft-spoken Zastrow is the resident of the month at North Central Health Care.

"She's just a very loving, kind person," said Cagney Martin of North Central Health Care.

For nearly 30 years she ran Zastrow's Jackson Street Cafe in downtown Wausau. She become known for her home-cooked apple pies and bright smile.

So I said you know what? Let's celebrate that then because you really made an appearance here in Wausau and let's give everybody a chance to say thank you," said Martin.

Zastrow's family and friends gathered in her honor. And even her 98-year-old sister Delma skyped in to say hello and blow a kiss.

"How nice, very, very nice," said Zastrow.

Workers read aloud an old article about the cafe and served apple pie to all the residents. All the while Zastrow glowed with a grin on her face.

"A lot of people go through this world and are not recognized for what they do and she I'm sure when she was making those pies never realized what she was really doing," said Zastrow's relative, John Pijan.

But Zastrow remains humble.

"It's just pie," said Zastrow.

Just pie sweet enough to last a lifetime.

Workers also gave Selma her very own apron.They each signed their name and wrote about a special memory they have with her.