Plant Sale Benefiting "Alvin" the NCHC Therapy Dog

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North Central Health Care Plant Sale

North Central Health Care Annual Plant Sale ~ Featuring Hanging Baskets and Patio Planters

Proceeds to benefit “Alvin” The NCHC Behavioral Health Therapy Dog. North Central Health Care holds an annual plant sale with proceeds to benefit different areas of need. This year all proceeds will help cover Alvin's care; and will go directly toward supporting his needs such as veterinary visits, food, bedding and hygiene products like shampoo and oral care. Alvin is new to NCHC but has already made many contributions to the care of residents, clients, and patients. 

PRE-ORDER: March 25–29 & April 1–5
Monday – Friday ~ 9:00 am–1:00 pm

Wausau Campus Cafeteria 

Pre-paid orders only please. 
To purchase flowers off campus or outside of that time please contact Volunteer Services at 715.848.4450 to make arrangements or stop by the Volunteer Services office on the Wausau Campus to order.  

Delivery/Pick-up: Wednesday, May 8

Volunteer Services will deliver within the Wausau Campus. All others can pick-up after 11:00 am on May 8 at the Volunteer Services Office on the Wausau Campus.

View or print order forms here.