Clarification on "Window Visits" at Nursing Homes

Community Updates

Earlier this week on April 13, the State of WI Board on Aging and Long Term Care released a memo to the public regarding "window visits" at nursing homes. On April 14, they retracted that memo and provided a new statement that you can read fully here: and below:

"Our Memo providing recommendations regarding “window visits” in Long Term Care communities was an attempt to respond to numerous accounts we have received of individuals visiting long-term care residents outside of the windows, yet having contact such as kissing through a screen, hugging through an open window and not maintaining social distancing. This was also in attempt to respond to concerns for residents with dementia who are confused when visitors they do not know may be looking inside their windows or visiting at nighttime. We did not intend to recommend prohibiting allowed essential activities such as waiving to a resident through a closed window or providing care essential to someone’s health and safety. We apologize for any confusion." – State of WI Board on Aging & Long Term Care

NCHC continues to encourage families to follow the Safer at Home Order issued by Governor Evers and stay at home unless you have essential activities as outlined in the order (supplies, food, medical needs, etc.) We will continue to follow the guidance provided in the memo above from the State of WI Board on Aging & Long Term Care.

If you have questions, please reach out to our teams at Mount View Care Center or Pine Crest Nursing Home.