Hard Hat Update: March 5, 2020

Temporary Marshall Street Parking for Construction Crew Effective Immediately

Standing water and mud from recent snow melt have caused job site safety conditions on the Wausau Campus for the contractor teams. Because of this, both Miron and Altmann Construction crew members will be parking their vehicles temporarily on the West side of Marshall Street.

The north end of the fenced field parking area, called the construction lay down area, has become a safety hazard for traffic due to the high volume of water in the area restricted for parking for contractors. Marathon County Facilities is working to alleviate the mud/water safety hazard with additional breaker rock for the driving area.

This temporary Marshall Street parking does not affect NCHC staff or visitor parking requirements, but is something we want our NCHC Team to be made aware of and to pay attention for foot traffic for those parking at the street.