Exercise Classes

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Maintenance After Discharge

After completing your Physical Therapy with North Central Health Care’s Aquatic Therapy program, you will be discharged. After discharge there are a variety of ways to maintain your progress and keep up with your goals at our facility.

Open Aquatic Exercise | Free with Membership - Unstructured open swim time for individuals who are actively in a physician referred Aquatic Therapy program within our facility, or who have previously completed one and will benefit from overall warm water exercise.

Group Fitness Classes | Ranges from $85-$96 per 12 Classes - Instructor lead Aquatic Fitness classes varying in intensity from gentle range of motion exercises focusing on arthritis management to more rigorous fitness classes for general strengthening and endurance. Participation is always at your own pace.

  • Aquatics for Arthritis | $96 per 12 Classes - Provides gentle range of motion exercises for the joints of the body, with some walking and “noodle” exercises.
  • Aqua Fit Class | $85 per 12 Classes - Conducted at a more rigorous level than the arthritis program, participate at your own pace and be able to walk back and forth across the pool without assistance. Focus is on strengthening and endurance.

Remember to schedule all swim times in advance by calling 715.848.4551

Aquatic Memberships

Memberships | Daily: $10 | Monthly: $45 | Annual: $385 - Aquatic Therapy Center daily, monthly, and annual memberships are available. Payments can be made at the pool with cash or check or you may use the Cashier’s Office (715.848.4407) to pay with a debit or credit card.