Schedule, Fees & Rules

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Get the latest information about the pool schedule, fees and rules here:
Aquatic Schedule, Fees & Rules

For more information, please visit the Policies for Payment of Fees.
Please note: Aquatic Therapy Center Services are not eligible for ability to pay and sliding fee arrangements.

Current Notices

The Aquatic Therapy Center is CURRENTLY CLOSED THROUGH NOV. 1 (updated 10/22/2020). Appointments, Classes and Community FITT are closed at this time. Reopening on November 2 for appointments.

Please see our News Page for further updates.

NOTICE: Pool Closing Due to Weather

When weather conditions make it dangerous or difficult for users to make it to the pool, the NCHC Aquatics Services Pool will post closures, early closures and anticipated reopening at this page as well as the North Central Health Care Facebook and Twitter pages.