What People Say About Us

teacher and student in pool

Can Water Therapy Make a Difference?

Our patients and referring physicians think so.

Physician Testimonials

Mark Schuler, M.D., Marshfield Clinic -The NCHC facility pool has been invaluable to my patients who suffer from various conditions, including back pain, arthritis, neurological injury and obesity. Many of them have not responded to traditional land-based therapy programs and find the pool environment extremely helpful. I also find the staff at the pool to be very knowledgeable and effective in treating and educating patients, so that many continue with their own treatment on their own after formal sessions have concluded.

Vera Bocoun, M.D., Marshfield Clinic - Many of our patients with various connective tissue disorders benefit from aquatic therapy at NCHC—it’s the water’s buoyancy that makes the exercise primarily non-weight bearing. Warm water therapy is the perfect exercise that many patients with for example, degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, can enjoy. The social aspect of group sessions is sometimes as therapeutic as the exercises. I have received great feedback from my patients who attend, and I am a big supporter of the warm water pool facility.

Patient Testimonials

Sue Gebhardt - I used to think the pool was just for senior citizens. When I began aquatic physical therapy for degenerative disk disease in my back, I met many baby boomers who are using the pool therapeutically. Physical therapy in the pool helped me develop core strength and create spine stabilization, allowing me to effectively deal with my condition.

Ryan Crossley -I’ve been doing pool therapy for about a year. It’s great! I can’t believe how well this is working for me. After my car accident, I had a lot of difficulty sleeping at night and performing day-to-day activities. When land therapy wasn’t working, my spinal specialist recommended me to NCHC. With the help of the therapists, I have been sleeping better and having less pain doing my normal activities.

Joan Magrecke - Thanks to the warm water therapy pool of NCHC—including the excellent physical therapists, the exercise plan they gave me, and the smiling faces—my recovery from total knee replacement was a success. The pool is a treasure.

NCHC Aquatic Physical Therapy Survey Results

According to our aquatic physical therapy patient survey:

  • 95% of patients were satisfied with the treatment provided by their physical therapist.
  • 96% of patients felt their physical therapist understood their problem or condition.
  • 95% of patients would recommend NCHC Aquatic Services to family or friends.
  • 95% of patients would return to the facility if they required physical therapy care in the future.
  • For 25% of the patients, this was their first physical therapy experience; for 66% of the patients, this was their first AQUATIC physical therapy experience (many having tried land therapy that failed).

Comments included:

“My therapist was very knowledgeable. He was careful, polite, and efficient. I believe that the PT and exercise in the pool aided in my recovery from knee replacement surgery.”

“I can’t say enough about your facility. I always looked forward to my ‘pool time’…Friendliness with patients in the pool was enjoyable, too.”

“Can really see improvement in my flexibility and mobility after each visit.”

“The service I received went well beyond my expectations.…Everyone has been so helpful and respectful.”

“I can’t live without the pool.”

“I’ve tried various land exercises but they all hurt to do them, and I didn’t get much pain relief. In the pool I had no pain and I always felt great after therapy.”

“Everyone there is unbelievable. Helped me after other physical therapy had failed.”

“I wish I had been told about this facility sooner.”

NCHC Exercise Programs

According to the survey, 100% of the community/family swim, arthritis class and water walking class participants who completed a satisfaction survey gave the programs positive or extremely positive ratings in all categories:

  • Program (including length, time of day, and price)
  • Instructor/lifeguard
  • Facility (including pool, locker room, showers, and parking)

Comments include:

“The pool is a gem…I can maintain a healthy lifestyle with the therapy pool.”

“I completely enjoy the program!!! Keep it going forever!! Have been doing it for 15 years.”

“I usually attend evening classes and look forward to it all day because I can walk in the water without hurting. It’s wonderful. It allows me to exercise joints that I have a great deal of difficulty with when I’m not in the water.”