Adult Day Services

Two participants working on a project

Developmental Disabilities Day Services in Wausau and Antigo

Every individual is unique — we all have different strengths, challenges and interests. And most of us flourish when we can learn and grow while doing something that truly interests us. North Central Health Care’s Adult Day Services are structured around those tenets — we help individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, who are 18 and older, reach their greatest social, educational, cognitive, life and community potential by offering them a variety of activities that stimulate their interest and growth.

We work with individuals to assess their strengths and needs, help them choose programs that will help them progress, and track their regression or progress in the program. Monday through Friday, 7:45 am to 3:15 pm, Adult Day Services provide a diverse range of programs, including:

  • Learning through leisure. Participants work on social interaction, basic educational, fine and gross motor, hand-eye coordination, cognitive, community integration and daily living skills within a relaxed, entertaining and leisurely environment.
  • Computer skills build personal skills. Participants learn basic computer skills and then learn to use computers to foster collaboration and social interactions that build self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills. Participants work in teams of two or three on a variety of organizational, seek and search and problem-solving challenges. The key is working together on a task that they may not be able to complete on their own. We provide a variety of adaptive devices that enable individuals with physical limitations to use the equipment as independently as possible.
  • Keeping up with current events. Our Current Events Group meets on a weekly basis to discuss current events within the local area. This group promotes socialization, builds awareness of community activities and events and promotes peer relationships.
  • Kitchen as a classroom. Our Cooking Club Option meets bi-weekly to learn about nutrition, meal planning, and cooking equipment. Each month the Club plans a lunch, then shops for supplies, prepares the meal and enjoys their meal in a family-style setting.
  • Healthy body for a healthy mind. Participants choose from a variety of physical activities to improve mobility and stamina, lose weight and improve overall health.

Activities include:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at the Y. Participants visit the Wausau YMCA to use the indoor walking track, treadmills, and stationary bikes under supervised care by fitness experts.
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Every Monday we offer group stretching and range of motion exercises with staff who monitor individual performance.
  • Get wet. Every Friday participants visit the North Central Health Care therapeutic pool for swimming, water ball and strength building exercises. A lifeguard is always on duty and flotations devices are available for those in need. The pool is wheelchair accessible, and wheelchairs for pool entry are provided. To participate in this option the consumer must have a doctor’s referral for the use of a therapeutic pool.
  • Get active. On Thursdays, participants visit the ADRC Health Room to use treadmills, stationary bikes and try light weight strength building under experienced staff supervision and care.
  • Getting out and about. Participants are accompanied by experienced staff as they venture out into the community for a wide range of activities.
  • Helping others to help ourselves. Participants have plenty to offer, so we encourage them to volunteer within the community, while receiving supervision and assistance to ensure successful outcomes. We coordinate volunteer sites, times, and duties as well as provide transportation and supervision. We partner with the Marathon County Volunteer Program and have regular volunteer sites at the Salvation Army and Mountain Bay Trail.
  • There’s nothing like a good book. Our Reading Club group meets once a week with a focuses on promoting and improving speech as well as basic reading concepts. Participants are of all reading levels and receive staff assistance and supervision as needed.

We provide accommodations for all disabilities:

  • Handicap accessible parking is available
  • Building has no steps and curbs
  • Doorways and hallways are at least 36” wide
  • Restrooms accommodate wheelchairs
  • Someone is available to read information one-on-one with clients
  • Medication administration for doctor prescribed orders
  • Certified nursing assistants to provide care as needed
  • Optional Hot Lunch Program and specialized diets as needed (Additional Charge)
  • Transportation provided as available

For further information or to request a tour please call Toni Kellner at 715.848.4317.