Children's Long-Term Support Services

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Developmental Disabilities Support in Central Wisconsin

North Central Health Care offers a Children’s Long Term Support program that provides children who have severe developmental, physical, or emotional disabilities with a variety of therapies and services in the environment most comfortable to them — their home. Our skilled professionals work with families to teach daily living skills and offer in-home treatment therapies that help each child realize their full potential.

Children’s Long Term Support Program make funds available to support children who are living at home or in a community setting who have significant limitations due to developmental, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. These funds may be used to purchase a variety of goods and services which have been identified based on a comprehensive assessment of a specific child’s assessed needs and outcomes.

What Is Available for Families?

Children’s Long Term Support Program offers eligible families in Lincoln and Langlade Counties:

  • Support in identifying services and maximizing resources
  • Assistance in securing supplies
  • Help in building natural supports by connecting with other families with similar life experiences.

A multidisciplinary team works collaboratively with each other, patients, and family to create the ideal plan of care for each patient. Treatment may involve behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, and medication.

Who is eligible for services?*

To participate in Children’s Long Term Support and Children's Community Options Program children must meet level of care guidelines which include the following:

  • Children must be under 22 years of age and Medical Assistance eligible
  • Be a resident of the United States or have an acceptable immigrant status
  • Be a Wisconsin resident
  • Children must live in the community and be able to receive safe, appropriate care at home
  • Have a “level of care” need which typically requires care in an institution such as a hospital, nursing home, or an institution for children with disabilities
  • Be able to receive that care at a cost that does not exceed costs to provide those same services in an institutional setting.

* Children’s Long Term Support and Children's Community Options Program may have additional requirements to qualify for certain types of funding. Eligibility is established on an annual basis.

Children with Autism

The goal of the Autism Waiver is to reduce children’s needs for more significant intervention as they age. Once determined eligible they may receive up to three years of one-to-one intensive treatment services up to 40 hours per week after all private insurance funds have been exhausted. An individualized service plan is developed and implemented to address social, behavioral, and communication skills. At the conclusion the intensive services, children may qualify for ongoing waiver services that address the more diverse needs of growing children.

What happens when a referral is made?

Referred families meet with a North Central Health Care Children’s Disability Specialist at a scheduled home visit. During this home visit information will be gathered to determine eligibility.

What will it cost?

A Children’s Disability Specialist will meet with families to assist with the completion of a worksheet to determine if a family has a financial responsibility for a portion of their child’s waiver services. The worksheet considers family size, income, and current federal poverty guidelines. There is no cost to families for the initial home visit to determine eligibility and to discuss potential supports and services.

You May Be Eligible for Medicaid Benefits

We can help you determine whether your family is available for funding via Medicaid or state and local agencies.

Our services are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. To receive information or make a referral in Langlade County call 715.627.6694 or in Lincoln County call 715.536.9482.