Admission to the Youth Hospital

Admission to the Youth Hospital

The admission process into the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital is often fast-paced and can be overwhelming. When your child is in a mental health or substance abuse crisis, getting them to a safe, secure setting where de-escalation can begin is an integral first step. We’re glad you’ve chosen North Central Health Care’s Crisis Center to help guide you through the process of making sure your child is safe and able to get the treatment they need. The following is an overview of the admissions process from the arrival to the Crisis Center through post-check-in at the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital.

The Youth Behavioral Health Hospital serves youth in Marathon, Lincoln, and Langlade Counties. If you reside outside of this Tri-County area, please contact your local Crisis Center for resources available to you or your child.

New admissions for the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital may be referred from the North Central Health Care Crisis Center located at 1150 Lake View Drive in Wausau. The Crisis Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and already provides crisis services to both youth and adults. Call 1.800.799.0122 if you are in need of Crisis Services.

The Admission Process

1. Crisis Center Arrival

If your referral is coming from the Crisis Center located at 1150 Lake View Drive, we work quickly to assess your child’s crisis and situation. We then work with you and your child to attempt to stabilize and diffuse the crisis if possible and begin developing a treatment plan and assessment of which program and facility will most benefit your child’s unique treatment needs.

2. Cross-Campus Transfer to Youth Hospital

If the Crisis Center determines the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital will best meet your child’s needs, transportation will be coordinated across the North Central Health Care campus and over to the Youth Hospital, which is on the North end of our Campus. Depending on your situation, your child may be transported by law enforcement, North Central Health Care staff, or even yourself. We ask that you join your child during the admission process to the Youth Hospital.

3. Nursing Assessment

Once you have arrived at the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital, a nurse will meet with you and your child to guide you through the admission process. This process includes gathering information and completing additional assessments that focus on your child’s safety, health, and well-being. Our staff will ask you to provide additional information and sign additional documents.

4. Welcome & Orientation

Our staff will help your child get comfortable in their private room. There, they will settle in and, when comfortable, will begin participating in our treatment schedule. They will be seen by a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Social Worker and Occupational Therapy Assistant over the next 24-48 hours while being supported by other staff.

An Overview of the Hospital

Upon arrival to the Hospital, parents and guardians will receive a helpful booklet that contains more specific information and answers to many questions you may have about your child's care. You can download or view a copy of our Hospital Overview below.