Visiting the Youth Hospital

Adult Hospital Patients

Family participation and contact are a huge part of your child’s recovery and future success. We encourage all parents and guardians to call and visit as often as possible during the designated visitation times and to be as involved in their child’s recovery as they can be.

During your child’s time at the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital there are plenty of ways to stay in contact. We allow phone calls to and from each patient as well as visitations with your child on-site.

Please call 715.848.4585 before visiting. Special accommodations may be arranged with our NCHC care team.

Phone Calls

While patients are NOT allowed to have a cell phone during their time at the Youth Behavioral Health Hospital, we do allow them to make phone calls during specific times from our facility phones. Parents will approve the list of people the child is allowed to call during phone times. Staff will dial the phone number for the patient.

So as to not disturb your child’s care, we do ask that you call to speak with your child only during designated times. Patients will not be taken out of therapeutic groups for phone calls unless it is an emergency. You may call the Youth Hospital directly and ask for an alternative time to call. If group sessions are occurring, phone times may be limited.


Visits with your child are essential to their care and families are encouraged to visit routinely. Visitation is permitted throughout the day by appointment only.

Due to the types of illnesses and clients/patients that reside, it is rare that children, such as siblings, visit the Hospital. These visits can occur if they are arranged with staff.
Please call before making any visit with children.

Family Visitation Hours*

Weekdays: Noon – 1 pm, 4 – 7 pm
Weekends: 8 – 4 pm
*Additional visitation times available upon request
To schedule a visitation, call 715.848.4585.