Co-Parenting Class

man walking with child

Raising a Child Together After a Divorce

As difficult as it can be sometimes, if you had a child with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, chances are you two will have to maintain a relationship for their sake. Divorce is a difficult situation for everyone involved, and children need help adjusting to this drastic change in their life.

North Central Health Care's Merrill Center is now offering a Co-Parenting Class that is intended to help parents assist their children during and after a divorce in a healthy way. The State of Wisconsin requires all divorcing parents of minor children to complete a parenting program. Our Co-Parenting Class is also available to all Lincoln County parents on a voluntary basis. Our hope is that the information participants receive will either affirm the good work you are already doing with your children, or provide you with useful tools to help you meet the changing ways in which you need to work with your children and their other parents as a result of the divorce. The course is designed to be both interactive and educational.

To join the Co-Parenting Class, please contact North Central Health Care Merrill Center at 715.536.9482.