Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility

North Central Health Care Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility

The North Central Health Care Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility (YCSF) is utilized for both immediate crisis needs as well as planned Brief Therapeutic Interventions (BTI’s). The YCSF is designed to serve youth who are not an imminent risk to themselves or others, but could still benefit from additional support, or time away from their home environment. The YCSF is staffed with Behavioral Health Professionals, and a social worker and nurse during regular business hours.

The YCSF helps to connect individuals with various community resources upon discharge. Individuals who are seeking admission to the YCSF should bring their prescribed medications in their original containers when presenting for an admission for them to be administered during their stay. Staff are unable to service clients with complex medical conditions such as sliding dose diabetes, injections, and some chronic conditions.

The YCSF offers BTI’s, which are planned stays that take place when an individual is not actively in a crisis. Planned stays are a respite type service and are determined by the individual’s parent and/or guardian, community social worker, and the YCSF unit social worker. If interested in scheduling a BTI, please reach out to our crisis services who will put you in contact with the appropriate clinician.

Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility Details

Patient Capacity: 8

Ages Served: 5-17 years, however, must be able to complete all of their activities of daily living independently or with little assistance. We are unable to serve clients with complex medical issues.

Patient Rooms/Bathrooms: Individual bedrooms & unit bathrooms

Level of Restriction: Unlocked/least restrictive

Legal Status: Voluntary, however, youth over age of 14 must be agreeable to stay as well.

Average Stay: 3-5 days

For additional information, more photos or to download program literature, visit Youth Crisis Stabilization Facility (YCSF).