Pine Crest Questions

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Pine Crest Nursing Home, located in Merrill, WI, is a county-owned nursing home owned by Lincoln County and operated by North Central Health Care. We know that families and loved ones may have questions pertaining to the care of Pine Crest Residents and our operations in the facility due to recent discussions at the Lincoln County Board level.

Residents, families, guardians, and others may submit questions to Pine Crest Administration. Your questions may be answered directly or gathered to form additional communications to be posted on our website and social media. To submit questions regarding ownership of Pine Crest or voting decisions made by the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to contact a Lincoln County Board representative.

Please use the form below to submit questions directly to Pine Crest Administration regarding resident care and operations.

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Questions About Pine Crest Ownership?

Questions about decisions related to the future of Pine Crest ownership may be directed to Lincoln County Administration and Lincoln County Board Supervisors.

Renee Krueger, Lincoln County Administrative Coordinator

Don Friske, Lincoln County Board Chair

You may also talk directly to your Lincoln County Supervisor. A list of County Supervisors and their contact information is available on the Lincoln County Government website at

To determine your County Board Supervisor, you will need to know which District you reside in. District maps are also found on the Lincoln County Government website at