Common Questions - Comprehensive Community Services

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What other services/supports are available through CCS?

CCS also offers the services of Peer Specialists, nurses and life skills specialists as needed. Peer Specialists are people who have lived the experience of mental illness and have had formal training. They use their set of recovery experiences along with their training to support peers who have mental illness. Our life skills specialist works side-by-side with participants to provide education and assistance in increasing independence and confidence in many areas of life. Our nurses are available to assist with issues surrounding medication and mental and physical health. There are also a variety of groups provided to assist with social skill enhancement, community living skill development and psycho-education.

Who pays for services through CCS?

Services are covered by Medical Assistance (Medicaid) through Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Community Services program. There is a sliding fee scale based on the participant’s ability to pay for people without Medical Assistance.

How long do services last?

Services through CCS are not time-limited but it is the vision of CCS that with our support participants are able to achieve maximum independence ultimately resulting in discharge from CCS. Individualized discharge criteria are developed that identify under what circumstances discharge should occur.

What does a Service Facilitator do?

The Service Facilitator first gets to know the participant and his/her needs and wishes. The participant, Service facilitator and other parties as identified by the participant then work together to develop a plan that outlines what the participant wants to achieve and what services and support will be put in place to assist them in accomplishing their goal. The Service Facilitator then works with the participant and others involved to provide and coordinate services aimed at helping the participant address their needs and meet their goals.

What happens after a referral is made?

The community services screener will contact the person referred for services to gather additional information and start the process of determining eligibility. The parent or guardian of a child under 18 will be contacted by the screener. A Functional Screen is completed to determine eligibility. If eligible, the child or adult can be enrolled in the program and a Service Facilitator will be assigned.

How do I make a referral to CCS?

Referrals to CCS can be made by any party. An adult or children (under 18 years old)can be referred to CCS by completing the Behavioral Health Referral form.

Who does CCS serve?

CCS serves child and adult residents of Marathon County who have been diagnosed with a mental health and/or substance use disorder and need support to function at their best in some area(s) of life.

How can CCS help?

CCS offers the help of a person, a Service Facilitator, whose job it is to provide and coordinate the services and support that help participants meet their needs and achieve their goals.

CCS offers a flexible array of services to children and adults who have mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Services are provided in a manner that is flexible, consumer directed, recovery oriented and strength-based. Services are individualized to each participant’s needs and may include: communication and interpersonal skills training, community living skills development and enhancement, employment related skill training, medication management, physical health support, psycho-education, counseling, and recovery education and illness management. Other services and supports based on individual need may be provided.