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Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)is a voluntary, community-based program. The CCS program offers a wide array of psychosocial rehabilitation services. These services assist CCS clients with mental health and/or substance use conditions to achieve their highest possible level of independent functioning.

The CCS program can provide a number of services needed at no cost to the client. Services provided are based on a comprehensive assessment and authorized in an individualized service plan.

Services May Include:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Service Planning
  • Service Facilitation
  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Employment-Related Skill Training (*IPS)
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Health Monitoring
  • Individual Skill Development and Enhancement
  • Individual and/or Family Psychoeducation
  • Wellness Management and Recovery/Recovery Support Services
  • Psychotherapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Peer Support

    CCS Eligibility

    • Eligible for Medical Assistance
    • Resident of Langlade, Lincoln, or Marathon County
    • Have a mental health or substance use diagnosis
    • Functional limitation in one or more major life activities caused by mental health or substance use issues as measured by a state screen
    • Need for psychosocial rehabilitation services

    Community Support Program

    Community Support Program (CSP) offers coordinated professional care and treatment for adults who live with severe mental illness. Clients receive a range of services in the community. Services aim to meet a client’s unique needs, reduce symptoms, and lead to recovery. Program staff focus on these values:

    • Collaboration—The service provider and client work together toward positive outcomes.
    • Hope—CSP services focus on the client getting better.
    • Personal choice—The client’s needs and goals drive any decisions about treatment and support.
    • Respect—CSP clients are experts in their own experiences.

    Services May Include:

    • Initial and in-depth assessments to help determine the best course of treatment for the individual.
    • Recovery planning that integrates vocational training services (*IPS), psychosocial rehabilitation, psychiatric and psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and support services
    • Medication prescription, administration, and monitoring.
    • Assistance in managing symptoms
    • Daily living, social and recreational skill training.
    • Health, nutrition and wellness management.
    • Crisis intervention

    CSP Eligibility

    • Individuals with a severe mental health diagnosis
    • Individual's condition must get in the way of daily living
    • Individual is at risk of hospitalization or an institution

    *Individual Placement & Support (IPS)

    IPS was developed to help promote the recovery of people who have a mental illness by helping them to find and keep jobs that allow them to utilize their skills. As employment is one of the primary goals of many people with mental illness, finding suitable work can help people with mental illness feel empowered, value themselves more and drastically reduce mental health symptoms. Working with IPS can help your business serve its local community by hiring skilled workers with statistically high rates of attendance and job performance.

    Working with IPS includes benefits such as:

    • No cost to you: Our expert job placement services are offered to employers at no cost.
    • Proven matches of applicants: Our employment specialists are dedicated to learning and understanding the needs of employers. We match the skills of our candidates with your staffing requirements to provide a good fit with your organization.
    • Long-term support and on-site coaching: Our employment specialists offer long-term, ongoing support to you and your new employee, both on- and off-site. On-site job coaching for orientation, training or job tasks can be utilized until the employee and employer are both comfortable.
    • Partnership with DVR: Many individuals in the IPS program work collaboratively with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.
    • Proven results: The IPS model utilizes evidence-based practices developed at Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center to assure better outcomes for all involved. IPS helps more people with mental illness obtain employment than any other type of vocational program.

    Referring Someone

    Contact Community Treatment of North Central Health Care at any of our locations in Lincoln, Langlade or Marathon counties to request a referral form, or download the form on our Referrals page. Send the referral form to North Central Health Care Attn: Community Treatment.

    Our Referral Coordinator will assist with determining what program or programs a child/adolescent may be eligible for.

    Contact Us

    For more information, questions or referrals, please contact North Central Health Care.

    Our locations include:

    • NCHC Wausau Campus
      2400 Marshall Street, Suite A Wausau, WI
      (715) 843-6120
    • NCHC Antigo Center
      1225 Langlade Road Antigo, WI
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    • NCHC Merrill Center
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    Our North Central Health Care Crisis Center is available 24/7. If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call North Central Health Care Crisis Center at (715) 845-4326 or 1 (800) 799-0122.

    For those with hearing or speech difficulties, please dial 711 to connect with the WI Relay Service.
    When you dial 711, a communications assistant will connect you with the NCHC Crisis Hotline. Please provide the operator with the number 715.845.4326. English and Spanish translation is available through 711. For more information about 711, please visit WI Relay 711.