CCS Provider Materials

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CCS Provider Materials

CCS Provider Handbook

CCS Provider Handbook (.PDF)

CCS Provider Annual Core Competencies

1. Review the NCHC Code of Conduct

The NCHC Code of Conduct defines NCHC's expected actions and behaviors. It focuses on best practices and providing a safe environment for everyone. Read the NCHC Code of Conduct (.PDF)

2: Review the NCHC Connections Guide

The NCHC Connections: Employee Success Guide contains key information that employees will use on a daily basis. The booklet contains information about our programs and topics such as wayfinding, departments contacts, infection control, emergency preparedness, and other crucial elements. Read the NCHC Connections Guide (.PDF)

3. Understand Our Patient & Responsibilities

This brochure outlines the rights, responsibilities and expectations our patients, residents and clients have. Read the NCHC Patients Rights & Responsibilities (.PDF)