Youth Services

Youth Mental Services in Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade Counties

Do you know a child who faces challenges at home, school or in the community? Do you know a young person with special needs who could benefit from additional support and services? Community Treatment Youth Services may be able to help. At North Central Health Care, we provide a variety of services and support aimed at assisting families who have children with special needs.

Our Youth Services program seeks to:

  • Work with families to help them get the services and support they need to keep their child at home in the community while meeting their unique needs
  • Support youth in their home, community and school settings
  • Use a family-centered approach to providing services, letting families guide the services provided for their child

Programs We Offer

As each person is different, our voluntary programs are designed to meet each individual’s needs. By providing care services fit to their level of independence, our program helps children gain as much independence as they can while being supported.

Our programs include:

  • Children’s Long Term Support (CLTS)* and Children's Community Options Program (CCOP)*: These programs make funds available to support children who have significant limitations due to developmental, emotional and or physical disabilities. Applicants must have a physical disability, developmental disability or mental illness. *North Central Health Care offers CLTS and CCOP in Lincoln and Langlade counties only.
  • Comprehensive Community Services (CCS): A community-based service that offers an array of services to youth with mental health and/or substance use disorders. Applicants must have a mental illness, substance use disorder, be in need of services more than those provided by outpatient counseling and psychiatry.
  • Coordinated Services Team (CST): Provides wraparound services to families with children who are involved in two or more systems of care and have complex needs. Systems of care include special education, mental health or substance use services, juvenile justice or child welfare. Applicants must have 2 or more systems of care and an unsuccessful history with other interventions.

Referring Someone

Contact Community Treatment of North Central Health Care at any of our locations in Lincoln, Langlade or Marathon counties to request a referral form, or download the form on our Contact Us page. Send the referral form to North Central Health Care Attn: Community Treatment.

Our Referral Coordinator will assist with determining what program or programs a child/adolescent may be eligible for.

    Our North Central Health Care Crisis Center is available 24/7. If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call North Central Health Care Crisis Center at (715) 845-4326 or 1 (800) 799-0122.

    For those with hearing or speech difficulties, please dial 711 to connect with the WI Relay Service.
    When you dial 711, a communications assistant will connect you with the NCHC Crisis Hotline. Please provide the operator with the number 715.845.4326. English and Spanish translation is available through 711. For more information about 711, please visit WI Relay 711.