Community Treatment Services

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Community Treatment Services

Since our beginnings as a mental hospital in Wausau, North Central Health Care has helped people in our Central Wisconsin community to find support and care as they work through mental illnesses and addiction. Our team of mental health professionals is here to offer you the skills and environment you need to find inner peace and strength.

At North Central Health Care, we continually seek to provide the highest levels of accessible and specialized care for those with highly complex health needs. Our person-centered programs are designed around each patient’s abilities and challenges.

We offer services such as:

Services are available for both youth and adults who are living with persistent mental illness and addiction challenges.

For more information, questions or referrals, please contact North Central Health Care Community Treatment.

Our locations include:

  • NCHC Wausau Campus
    1100 Lake View Drive Wausau, WI
    (715) 843-6120
  • NCHC Antigo Center
    Langlade Road Antigo, WI
    (715) 627-6694
  • NCHC Merrill Center
    607 N. Sales Street, Suite 309, Merrill, WI
    (715) 536-9482