Person-Centered Service

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Serving Others Through Effective Communication, Listening to Understand & Building Meaningful Relationships

Person Centered Service logoAt North Central Health Care, our Person-Centered approach to service extends to those we serve every day, their families and friends, our visitors and volunteers, our dedicated staff and our community partners. It's more than just a model of care and service. It's ingrained in our culture. Person-Centered Service at North Central Health Care drives our communication, our relationships and is based on our foundation of our Core Values: Dignity, Accountability, Partnership, Continuous Improvement and Integrity.

What Will You See From Our Team at North Central Health Care?

A Proactive Approach and Caring Attitude

  • We strive to understand and anticipate the needs of others and demand excellence at all times.
  • A caring and compassionate attitude.
  • We will truly listen to understand and will be sincere in wanting to understand.

A Culture of Trust & Safety - Our Team will...

  • Create a welcoming, safe and healing environment
  • Build trust through communication, actions and relationships
  • Help others leave with a feeling of hope
  • Be aware of and sensitive to trauma triggers
  • Effectively identify and resolve conflict

Values & Respect-Based

  • Understand all the dimensions of diversity and identify cultural influences
  • Understand and show sensitivity to and value differences
  • Understand and respect life experiences of others
  • Value everyone and treat them with dignity and respect

Choice, Input & Involvement

  • We will strive for involvement of others at all levels
  • We will make suggestions and offer choices
  • We will explain processes (what is happening and why)
  • We will recognize and build on strengths and focus on the great things we get from everyone
  • We will consider other support systems in decisions – community partners, other programs, coworkers, family, friends

Tell Us How We Are Doing

At North Central Health Care, continuous feedback and improvement is critical in providing the best experience for all our interactions with those we serve, our community partners and our staff.

Please share your experience with us by completing a review on our website, social media or completing a patient satisfaction survey. We would love to hear from you!