Hope House

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Helping Our Peers Empower

A Recovery Residence is a social, not medical, model for recovery living. This is different from a traditional transitional or halfway house. Hope House is a voluntary, time limited-term, residential program for Community Corner Clubhouse members experiencing psychiatric illness and/or psychological distress not requiring hospitalization, who also have recovery needs.

Community Corner Clubhouse developed Hope House to help meet the needs of membership in a recovery/residential setting that is member-driven.

How is Hope House Different?

The philosophy of Hope House sets it apart from treatment options. Hope House is a supportive residential environment where Community Corner Clubhouse members in recovery, led by a house mentor, live as a community and come “home” after their days filled with counseling, education, work, and recreation—sharing their successes and daily struggles. Hope House implements a unique resident-centered approach to Clubhouse Members. Rather than a “one size fits all” philosophy, Hope House focuses on the specific needs of each person in the program.

Our recovery plans are built using a person-centered, evidenced-based approach. The goal planning process includes the member’s chosen team of friends, family, and mentors. The team aids and supports each member in identifying prior barriers to success and strategies for overcoming these issues. Strengths are highlighted during this process as well as ambitions.

Services We Offer

Hope House will provide services relevant to housing such as completing recovery services, budgeting assistance in coordinating community-based services, and familiarizing members with resources in the nearby community, such as stores, laundry facilities, and recreational facilities. Residents will have cooperative assistance within members’ homes, as needed, on matters such as cleaning and food preparation.

Hope House serves adult men and women (18+) with severe and persistent mental illness and substance use disorders and requires:

  • All residents must have an income source to cover rent (Hope House may subsidize up to 30% of rental cost)
  • All residents must be active members of Community Corner Clubhouse
  • All members should be active in their recovery and have sustained sobriety (at least 90 days) AND be interested in voluntary participation of supported housing to help them maintain recovery goals.

About Community Corner Clubhouse

Community Corner Clubhouse is a voluntary program operated by North Central Health Care that helps adults with persistent mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction issues realize their potential by providing them a Clubhouse atmosphere where they can meet friends, build self-confidence and gain vocational and educational skills to support their recovery and become productive members of society. Members have access to vocational support, training, transitional employment opportunities, supported employment and assistance in sustaining long-term employment as well as have the opportunity to receive educational opportunities through partnership with community adult educators offering a variety of classes. Members may also receive assistance in finding safe, affordable housing.

Interested in learning more about Hope House?

Please call Community Corner Clubhouse at 715.843.1926.