Common Questions - Community Support Program

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The Community Support Program (CSP) at North Central Health Care is a comprehensive resource for people with mental illnesses in Wisconsin. The following are some answers to frequently asked questions about CSP.

What is CSP?

Community Support Program or "CSP" is a state certified community based coordinated care and treatment program which provides an array of individualized treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to adults with serious and persistent symptoms of mental illness. Services are available on a 7 day per week basis. Crisis services are available on a 24 hour per day basis through CSP on-call.

Can CSP help with finding a job?

Yes. CSP team members support clients in accessing resources to obtain employment.

Can CSP help with finding an apartment?

Yes. CSP team members assist consumers in finding and obtaining housing that is within the financial means of the client.

Is there help with getting medications?

Yes. CSP team members support clients in obtaining medications that are prescribed. This would include accessing benefits that would assist in the cost of the medications.

Is there an opportunity to see a psychiatrist?

Yes. Each CSP client has the opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist on a regular basis for symptom assessment and medication review.

What does a case manager do?

A case manager partners with the client to identify treatment needs and coordinates and provides community treatment services in collaboration with the CSP team.

How long is someone in CSP?

Length of time in the Community Support Program is individualized. This is based on client preference and clinical need.

How does a person gain admission to CSP?

A client meets with a representative from North Central Health Care after they have been referred for CSP services. An assessment takes place and if eligible the client is admitted to CSP.

Is there a cost?

Most services are provided at no cost to the client. CSP services are covered by State Medical Assistance. North Central Health Care also has a sliding scale fee for payment in the event a client is not eligible for Medical Assistance.

How does a person qualify for services?

A client would have to meet eligibility criteria established by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family services. This would include a diagnosis of major mental illness as listed in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-IV-TR). Examples would include Schizophrenia, and Affective disorders. In addition, the consumer would have history of acute treatment services and exhibit need for support in major areas of community living.