Supported Employment

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Supported Employment in Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade Counties

Did you know? 1 in 5 people suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year. The majority of people living with mental illness want a job, as work reduces fear and isolation, restores independence and instills a sense of purpose. Employing individuals with mental illness can assist with recovery and help them become contributing members of their communities.

North Central Health Care offers our Supported Employment, helping people with varying skills, abilities and interests to find work.

Individual Placement & Support (IPS)

IPS was developed to help promote the recovery of people who have a mental illness by helping them to find and keep jobs that allow them to utilize their skills. As employment is one of the primary goals of many people with mental illness, finding suitable work can help people with mental illness feel empowered, value themselves more and drastically reduce mental health symptoms.

Top Reasons to Partner with Us

Working with IPS can help your business serve its local community by hiring skilled workers with statistically high rates of attendance and job performance.

Working with IPS includes benefits such as:

  • No cost to you: Our expert job placement services are offered to employers at no cost.
  • Proven matches of applicants: Our employment specialists are dedicated to learning and understanding the needs of employers. We match the skills of our candidates with your staffing requirements to provide a good fit with your organization.
  • Long-term support and on-site coaching: Our employment specialists offer long-term, ongoing support to you and your new employee, both on- and off-site. On-site job coaching for orientation, training or job tasks can be utilized until the employee and employer are both comfortable.
  • Partnership with DVR: Many individuals in the IPS program work collaboratively with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Proven results: The IPS model utilizes evidence-based practices developed at Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center to assure better outcomes for all involved. IPS helps more people with mental illness obtain employment than any other type of vocational program.

With Supported Employment, Everyone Wins

Those who are hired through IPS gain access to meaningful, income-producing work and inclusion into society. Meanwhile, employers gain productive and qualified employees, a more diverse work force and the support of vocational services. The community gains more contributing, tax paying citizens and a greater awareness and understanding of disabilities.

For more information, questions or referrals, please contact North Central Health Care Community Treatment Supported Employment.

Our locations include:

  • NCHC Wausau Campus
    2400 Marshall Street, Suite A, Wausau, WI
    (715) 843-6120
  • NCHC Antigo Center
    Langlade Road Antigo, WI
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  • NCHC Merrill Center
    607 N. Sales Street, Suite 309, Merrill, WI
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