Hard Hat Updates

May 25, 2022

NCHC Wausau Campus Walking Path Closure Beginning June 1, 2022

The construction process of the new Crisis Center will begin on June 1, 2022. Due to the heavy equipment and demolition activities in this area, the lack of space between our buildings and the waterfront, and for everyone's safety, the walking path on the West Side of the building along the waterfront fence line will be closed. This will mean that there is no through access from the North to the South side of the Campus using the walking path along the water. Marathon County Facilities anticipates closure to be from June 1, 2022 through July 2023, while construction takes place. This is a full year. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

May 17, 2021 (Week of)

Parking Lot Blacktopping at Mount View Care Center

Road crews will be finishing the parking lot asphalt at 2400 Marshall Street in front of the new tower building. Anticipate trucks and crews onMarshall Street entering/exiting.

March 5, 2020

Temporary Marshall Street Parking for Construction Crew Effective Immediately

Standing water and mud from recent snow melt have caused job site safety conditions on the Wausau Campus for the contractor teams. Because of this, both Miron and Altmann Construction crew members will be parking their vehicles temporarily on the West side of Marshall Street.

The north end of the fenced field parking area, called the construction lay down area, has become a safety hazard for traffic due to the high volume of water in the area restricted for parking for contractors. Marathon County Facilities is working to alleviate the mud/water safety hazard with additional breaker rock for the driving area.

This temporary Marshall Street parking does not affect NCHC staff or visitor parking requirements, but is something we want our NCHC Team to be made aware of and to pay attention for foot traffic for those parking at the street.

February 14, 2020

E-Wing - Former Evergreen Place and Previous Lakeside Recovery Demolition Set to Begin Around February 20th

  • The interior work on E-Wing demolition will continue this week in into early next week.
  • The exterior demolition will begin as early as late next week, about February 20th to 21st. The demolition noise levels will be high and will affect the areas closest to the E-Wing; the Outpatient Services, C-Wing, Volunteer Services Office and Southern Reflections for the dementia residents.
  • There will be loud noises that will be associated with the demolition of the E-Wing starting the 20th of February and continuing for more than two weeks.
  • Signage will be placed at various places throughout the building to alert visitors, residents and staff of the loud noises.

October 30, 2019

General Updates

Construction is in full swing for both the Aquatic Therapy Pool and the new CBRF and Youth Crisis Hospital sites. Additional construction traffic will continue to be crossing the MVCC entrance and enter the CBRF and Youth Crisis Hospital site through August of 2020.

In addition to that traffic, the new 4-story Nursing Home will be bid out on the 14th of November, with construction starting sometime this winter. Additional traffic will be involved with that site as well, making the MVCC parking lot very congested with employee and visitor traffic on top of the construction traffic.

Discussions take place daily at the contractor meetings and weekly at the owner meetings with the contractors, vendors and suppliers, so that everyone is in continuous communication.

October 4, 2019

CBRF and Youth Hospital Construction Begins Oct. 7

The new CBRF and Youth Hospital construction will begin on Monday 10/7/19. Altmann, the selected contractor, will begin clearing the site for construction sometime on Monday morning. We will see an increased amount of traffic on the site from additional contractors and more equipment crossing the MVCC parking lot and working in the temporary fence enclosure on the north side of the MVCC parking lot.

September 16, 2019

Renovations on Gardenside Crossing Wing (C-Wing)

Renovations have begun inside the Wausau Campus on Gardenside Crossing, Side 1. Some may know as “C-Wing” or “C-Unit”. This is the future home of Lake Side Recovery during construction and demolition of the E-Wing of the building. Renovations will continue for the next 3 weeks approximately. The area is sealed off and there should be no contractor traffic inside the NCHC hallways. There will be construction noises and contractors in the south side of Gardenside for the next few weeks. We apologize for any disruptions as we make these internal renovations.

September 11, 2019

Construction Equipment Traffic and Mount View Care Center Entrance/Exit

Construction traffic will be fairly consistent now in the east side of the construction site over to the North Lay down area in the field. This includes the area between the Mount View Care Center parking lot (purple flag) and NCHC parking lot (yellow flag) that was formerly the bus lane. Please see bright green areas on map below labeled “Construction Traffic Only”.

Loaders, dump truck, pick-up trucks and semi tractors delivering materials will be driving through that area regularly from now until the end of the project(s). Please use caution as you exit the MVCC Parking lot main parking area. Traffic exiting the MVCC Parking lot will no longer be able to use the driveway that looped around near the bus lane as this is a construction road now (marked in green below). Please look for construction cross traffic at the MVCC entrance.

August 7, 2019

Bus Stop at Mount View Care Center Front Entrance at Purple Flag is Closed.

Effective immediately, the Bus Stop at the front entrance of Mount View Care Center at the PURPLE FLAG will be closed. Metro Ride Buses will no longer be stopping at this location due to the additional time to maneuver construction zones and the impact on their route schedules.

The Bus Stop at the front of Outpatient Services at the YELLOW FLAG will remain open with regularly scheduled buses arriving and departing with no change to the bus schedule.

Visitors arriving and departing to MVCC will need to use the interior of the building to get to the bus stop at the YELLOW FLAG and should allow additional time to catch their bus.

There will not be access to get to the bus stop from MVCC to the Yellow Flag walking on the outside of the building. The sidewalk and driveway in front of Lakeside Recovery will be blocked with fencing for through traffic and pedestrians.

Yellow Flag Parking Lot off of Lake View Drive

Construction Fencing is being installed August 7 in the YELLOW FLAG parking lot area. ALL EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE PARKING IN THE REAR PARKING LOT AREA to allow space for visitors.

Please do not park in spaces that are not marked as parking spaces. Several cars have been parking at the end cap of rows and in non-designated spaces.

Traffic Flow in Yellow Flag Parking Lot

Effective immediately, the traffic flow in the YELLOW FLAG Parking Lot has been altered. Traffic should be considered 2-way traffic in all rows of parking. Please watch for signage that will direct traffic. Please inform visitors of the changes to parking and traffic flow during construction. Do not drive in grass areas or around construction vehicles.

August 6, 2019

Renovation Fencing and Construction Preparation Beginning Wednesday August 7, 2019

Construction fencing will be arriving on Wednesday, August 7 and will be installed near Outpatient Services and Lakeside Recovery areas. Please be aware of changes to parking lots and traffic flow. There will be changes to the traffic flow in and out of the front parking lot are near the yellow flag. Inform our patients and clients of these changes taking place. Facilities will be working with our NCHC Communications Team to get traffic and parking changes out to staff and visitors. Please do not cross into fenced in areas or use entrance exits that are contained within the fenced in areas.

Please use the map below to review areas that will be fenced, marked with red and blue dotted lines. Note that there will be construction traffic entering at the NCHC Main Campus Driveway off of Lake View Drive that will be shared with construction traffic, however employees and visitors will not be able to follow the green construction traffic marked below, and instead will be in a revised traffic pattern entering the campus in the parking area closest to the building. Please watch for signage throughout the fencing installation process.

Fencing Map August 7, 2019

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us!

Temporary fencing, as indicated in the drawing above, is fencing that is portable and not fixed to the ground. Temporary fencing will change as the renovations and construction needs change.

Permanent Fencing, as indicated in the drawing above, is fencing that is fixed in place and not portable. It will remain in place until the end of the renovation/construction period. The "Construction Lay-Down" area marked above "with Permanent Fencing" is the long-term staging area for all equipment and materials. This fencing will be removed when the Wausau Campus renovations are completed.