Project Goals

As we prepared for our future, 2017 marked the launch of NCHC's 5 to 50 Strategic Vision. Our 5 to 50 Vision outlines our efforts in achieving all we need to accomplish in the next 5 years to get NCHC to our 50th Anniversary, to set ourselves up for the next 50 years. We are engaged in long-term thinking. A major component of this vision is our investment in bricks and mortar in the coming years between now and 2022. We launched a major Master Facility Planning initiative in partnership with Marathon County to define our main campus needs going forward.

Our main campus is fast approaching 50 years of age with the last major construction or renovation project occurring over 30 years ago. The time is now to reinvest in our future so we can chart the course for our next 50 years.

At the onset of the planning process, it was necessary for both North Central Health Care and Marathon County to establish goals that would guide the renovation planning. These goals were presented to the public and the Marathon County Board of Supervisors from the start of the project and are shared between NCHC and Marathon County. View Preliminary Plans.

North Central Health Care GoalsConceptual Interior Space

  • Efficient Clinical Operations
  • Improved Wayfinding/Security/Access
  • Incorporate Evidence-Based Design
  • Support Higher Acuity
  • Deinstitutionalize, flexibility
  • Operational More Efficiently
  • Efficiently Consolidate
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leader in Educational Programming
  • Quality Workspaces

Marathon County Goals

  • Quality of Care
  • Financially Sustainable
  • Comprehensive Approach for County

Read more about the Mission, Vision and Cores Values of North Central Health Care and Marathon County.