NCHC Executive Committee

fountain and court yard

Below is a list of Executive Committee meetings for 2024 organized by month. Visit our archive for meetings from previous years. Recordings of Executive Committee meetings, which began in January 2024, can be accessed here.

May 2024

EXEC_20240529_Agn | View Agenda

EXEC_20240529_Pkt | View Packet

April 2024

EXEC_20240424_Agn | View Amended Agenda

EXEC_20240424_Pkt | View Packet

March 2024

EXEC_20240327_Agn | View Amended Agenda

EXEC_20240327_Pkt | View Packet

EXEC_20240327_Min | View Minutes

February 2024

EXEC_20240222_Agn | View Amended Agenda

EXEC_20240222_Pkt | View Packet

EXEC_20240222_Min | View Minutes

January 2024

EXEC_20240131_Agn | View Agenda

EXEC_20240131_Pkt | View Packet

EXEC_20240131_Min | View Minutes