myPolicies Frequently Asked Questions

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What is myPolicies?

myPolicies is a web-based document library that houses all of NCHC’s policies, procedures and forms.

What is the difference between a policy and a procedure?

A policy is an organization-wide course or principle of action, a procedure is program-specific only, and does not necessarily apply to all NCHC departments.

What policies, procedures and forms do I have access to?

All staff have access to any document that is categorized as an “all staff”, ex: HR policies. Aside from organization-wide policies, you will also have access to your specific program’s procedures and forms. If you are working outside of your normal department and need access to another program’s procedures, please contact the Policy System Administrator.

What login credentials do I use for myPolicies?

Your username for access to myPolicies is your NCHC email address. Your password is your network login password. (The same password you use to log into your computer for the day).

Will my password ever need to be changed?

No, your unique password syncs automatically with NCHC’s Active Directory, when you are prompted to update your AD password every 90 days, your myPolicies password will automatically update to the new password as well.

Who should I contact if I am having trouble logging in?

Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm please contact the Katlyn Coles, Policy System Administrator at 715.848.4422, for after-hours assistance contact the IT Help Desk at 715.261.6710.

Who should I contact if I cannot find a specific policy or procedure?

The Policy System Administrator at 715.848.4422 or

Who do I talk to if I have an idea for a new policy or procedure that doesn’t currently exist?

Your Program Manager or Director.

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