Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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1st Quarter 2020 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Mount View Care Center Life Enrichment Team

Congratulations to Mount View Care Center Life Enrichment Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The Life Enrichment Team makes significant contributions to advance the position and reputation of MVCC and NCHC by their efforts to serve our residents. Nominated by a Pharmacy employee, the team was recognized for their efforts to create the best experience for our residents. “This team constantly goes above and beyond for our residents on a daily basis. There is always something fun for residents to do and it’s because of this team.”

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Renee Erickson, Employee Health

Congratulations to Renee Erickson of Employee Health, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. She consistently achieves exemplary performance within her program and excels at supporting the programs and services of NCHC. Nominated by a Switchboard employee, Renee was recognized for her ability to serve so many programs and employees every single day. “Not only does she address my personal health concerns, she will do just about anything that she can to help someone, always with a smile on her face. She also meets with all our new employees.”

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Gina Laszewski, Residential Care Coordinator

Congratulations to Gina Laszewski of Residential Services, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Nominated by a Residential colleague, Gina exceeds standards and works effectively to ensure the optimal patient experience and uncompromising Person-Centered Service. Gina was recognized for her ability to work with challenging clients to help get them services they would benefit from so they can continue to receive services and remain in their own apartment. She continues to take the time to listen and care for those we serve, as anyone would want to be taken care of. Gina is willing to learn and grow and isn’t afraid to ask questions. “Gina continues to provide compassion to all those we serve, and even to those we do not serve.”

Outstanding Leadership Award

Jennifer Peaslee, Quality & Clinical Transformation Director & Corporate Compliance Officer

The Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes a director, manager or supervisor who inspires, influences and conducts themselves in a professional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community. Recipient selected by Executive Team and presented quarterly at the Management Meeting. Congratulations to Jennifer Peaslee, Quality & Clinical Transformation Director and Corporate Compliance Officer. Jennifer was nominated for her ability as a leader to push others to always be better. Through her research, analysis, and follow-through, her loyal commitment to NCHC and her perseverance through situations influences others to keep trying. She handles each case with a mindset to improve our processes, collaboration of care and ultimately make patients’ lives better.