Employee Recognition Program Recipients

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4th Quarter 2022 Recipients

Outstanding Leadership Award

Giana Zubke-Brubacher, Community Treatment Youth

Congratulations to Giana Zubke-Brubacher, recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award. Giana is a member of the Community Treatment Youth team. Karissa was nominated by Ryan Thiel.

“ Giana has been an amazing manager, I feel that I can go to her whenever I need help professionally or personally.”

“ Giana is consistently going above and beyond to make staff feel supported. Giana is always willing to offer support, answer questions, and make me feel valued.”

“ Giana’s willingness, support, collaboration, and dignity show that she is a true partner and leader in providing person-centered services, and our Core Values.”

“ Giana has a way of boosting morale within our team with all the continuous change and leading by example. This is what being a team is all about.”

Jamie Collins, Jennifer Rothmeyer and Erica Huffman were also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Bobbi Hansen

​Congratulations to Bobbie Hansen of Community Treatment Youth

Bobbi is a service facilitator for Community Treatment Youth in Marathon County. She was nominated by Gina Lenz, Community Treatment Youth Clinical Coordinator, who says “Bobbi is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. She is deeply committed to helping others unconditionally. Even when encountering a challenging person, she finds a way to help them succeed. I admire her determination and ability to draw people in and lift them up when they need it most. She never gives up on people.”

Kristin King, Gina Laszewski and Kara Webb were also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Alex Eichten, Communications & Marketing

​Congratulations Alex Eichten of the Communications & Marketing Department. Alex was nominated because is continually learning new things and pushing herself to be an outstanding member of the communications team and NCHC team. Serving the entire organization, she is always looking at things differently and asks meaningful questions to challenge what we have done in past to look forward to the future.

“She is amazingly creative and really insightful.”

“Alex has a continual commitment to continuous improvement. She wants and makes things better in all aspects of her job and really strives to provide high quality work that is better and more effective than the previous work she may have done.”

“Alex embraces true partnership and also looks to think about better outcomes with her communication and design work. Asking the tough questions and thinking outside the box is a special trait she possesses.”

Alex was nominated by Jessica Meadows, Marketing & Communications Director.

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Pharmacy Team

Congratulations to the Pharmacy Team! Congratulations to the Pharmacy Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The Pharmacy Team goes above and beyond daily to provide exceptional care to clients, residents, and staff. The entire team works diligently to meet high work demands and ensure all medications go out the door in a timely manner despite the ever-changing variables that need to be addressed daily to ensure smooth operation.

Congrats Pharmacy!

Pharmacy Employees include: Cindy Schreier, Dustin Ehster, Jacob Bognar, Joanne Krasselt, Jodi Swid, Kendra Eisner, Mary Derby, Mary Osheim, Megan Kruzicki, Nora Fellenz, Royal Anderson, Tara Renteria and Jacie Cihlar!

The Pharmacy Team was nominated by Kendra Eisner.

3rd Quarter 2022 Recipients

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

2 Recipients: Edd Hill and Savannah Severt

Congratulations to Edd Hill of Crisis Services
Edd works incredibly well with the team. He is collaboratively with partners, clients and the team. He has a high level of professional integrity and is always working towards the greater good for the community, NCHC, team and those we serve. Edd constantly works to streamline communications between partnering agencies and team members and he goes the extra mile for those we serve. Edd was nominated by the Langlade County CCS Adult Team.

Congratulations to Savannah Severt of Pine Crest
Savanah has excellent work ethic and helps out in any way possible. She takes feedback and also brings back feedback from residents to make helpful suggestions. She is creative and has a way of making everyone smile. She relates to everyone and helps people feel comfortable, especially our dementia residents. She puts in 100% as soon as she walks through the door. Savannah was nominated by the Brianna VandenHeuvel.

Angela Burton, Bette Llyod, Cassie Smith, Dr. Vogel, Emily Bandow, Laura Zaucha, Rebekah Strege, Lynn Kelly, Teresa Schoone, Coralie Benson, Grace Crass, Deidre Ratzloff, Sydney Baldwin and Tara Leibers were also nominated for this Award.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Mel Wohlwend, Patient Access Antigo

Congratulations Mell Wohlwend of Patient Access Antigo Center. Mel was nominated because she goes above and beyond to make sure clients’ needs are met. She keeps our office running smooth and communicates well with staff and clients alike. Mel saw a need in our office and took college classes to become an AODA counselor. She is working on her training now while working in Patient Access. Mel was nominated by Carrie Bussiere, Nanette Griese, and Kristin King.

Angie Lepak was also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Accounting Team

Congratulations to the Accounting Team, recipient of the 3rd Quarter Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The Accounting Team worked many extra hours, coming in early, staying late and working weekends, to prepare our annual audit and Medicare/Medicaid cost reports. Much of the staff are in their first year at NCHC, and they did a fabulous job. The audit ended up going much more smoothly that previous years. This team replaced a team with over 50 years combined experience. They continually provide accurate, timely and transparent information to our decision makers so we can make informed decisions.

At the time of the nomination, the following Accounting Team members were included in the nomination for their efforts above:

April Opper, Dan Bailey, Merry Malone, Melissa LaPorte and Jill Nelson

The Accounting Team was nominated by Bobby Splinter.

Bobby wishes to also recognize the additional members of the accounting team including Patric Lanning, Angela Lepak, Cristy Maltbey and Gary Olsen.

The Pine Crest Appreciation Team was also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Leadership Award

Karissa Nelson, Community Treatment

Congratulations to Karissa Nelson, recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award. Karissa is a member of the DBT implementation team and has been a great leader. She is now operating a DBT group to enhance her skills and attends weekly DBT consultation calls. In addition, she is supervising employees who are completing their internship to become mental health professionals. Karissa invests in her own professional development while inspiring others to do so. Karissa was nominated by Janelle Hintz.

Jamie Collins was also nominated for this award.

1st Quarter 2022 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Youth Crisis Stabilization Team

Congratulations to the Youth Crisis Stabilization Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Partnership Award.

Trisha Stefonek, Director of Acute Care Behavioral Health presents the Team Partnership Award to Allison Fitzgerald of YCSF at the March Management Meeting.

Here are some of the great things the nomination form included:

“The Youth Crisis Stabilization Team has been asked to cover many different units and roles than what they were hired for. They have been asked to go outside their comfort zone many times to work on various BHS Acute Care units over the past year. This has helped each of them grow as floor staff, bringing them more skills to support their youth clients. They have been able to get closer as a team through discomfort, learning to support and rely on one another.”

“ The YCSF Team have helped to keep all the BHS Acute Care units running to make sure clients are receiving appropriate care and that the departments can continue to support the NCHC community.”

Adult Day Services Team, Wausau and Safety & Security Team were also nominated for this Award.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Katherine Crabtree, Mail/Copy Room

Congratulations to Katherine Crabtree recipient of the Outstanding Service Excellence Award for 1st Quarter. Katherine works in the Mail/Copy Room on the Wausau Campus and was nominated for her commitment to our NCHC Cores Values.

Katherine is presented with her Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award at the
March 2022 Management Meeting by Jessica Meadows, Communications & Marketing.

“Katherine is very committed to NCHC and shows her Core Values on a daily basis. She shows her commitment to Continuous Improvement by asking questions and looking to improve processes when the opportunity presents itself. That may be with processes like mail sorting and sending, print preparation and other tasks and jobs she works on.”

"She show Partnership each day as she works with multiple departments and staff from across the organization to complete various print jobs, deliver mail and work on many tasks assigned that need a quick turnaround. And when I say quick.....Katherine is quick!”

“She is always willing to help in areas outside the mailroom and does it all with a smile. Katherine is focused and always willing to lend a hand any time she is asked.”

Outstanding Leadership Award

Josie Herman, Residential Services

Congratulations to Josie Herman of Residential, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Leadership Award for 1st Quarter.

“ Josie always has a positive attitude toward clients and staff. She takes time to listen. Josie is always going above and beyond with picking up extra shifts at our site or Jelinek. Clients adore her!”

“ Josie does not make you feel bad if you are sick or unable to work which alleviates extra stress. She is supportive and caring.”

“ Josie has worked her for almost 20 years. She is dedicated to client care and satisfaction.”

Josie was nominated by Kate Schultz, RCA. Gina Laszewski was also nominated for this Award.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Chuck Frankiewicz, Adult Day Services

Congratulations to Chuck Frankiewicz of Adult Day Services, recipient of the Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award.

“Chuck had been assisting a residential site due to short/sick staff, he jumped in and was at one residential site and ran back and forth numerous times to assist another residential site. Chuck did this numerous time throughout the day. His ability to be calm during stressful situations is something that not all staff have and can demonstrate.”

“To observe Chuck during these times is amazing! He is a person who demonstrates N.C.H.C. CORE VALUES TO A T. Chuck continues to jump in when needed without being asked he truly is a person that demonstrates and goes above his job duties.”

Chuck was nominated by Cindy Purdy, ADS. BriAnna Salas, Jessica Schreiber and Micki Alsteen were also nominated for this Award.

4th Quarter 2021 Recipients

Outstanding Leadership Award

Lenise Vircks, Prevocational Services

Congratulations to Lenise Vircks of Prevocational Services, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Leadership Award for 4th Quarter. Nominated by Jamie Sparling, Lenise was recognized for outstanding Person-Centered Service and exceptional Core Values. She inspires her team to work harder and make things run smooth.

“Lenise is Person-Centered to the core! She deals with consumers and staff with compassion while working in high stress production facility. She always puts people before productions yet gets results for the local businesses that we partner with in order to provide work for consumers.”

“Quite frankly, seeing how hard Lenise works and still is a caring influence in our consumers’ life implores me to work harder to make things run smooth for our department.”

“Our consumers see Lenise as someone with authority who seems to understand and care for them. She has done this through many years of service.”

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Adult Day Services Wausau Team

Congratulations to the Adult Day Services Wausau Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award for 4th Quarter. Nominated by Jennifer Rothmeyer, several employees on the team were individually called out for their contributions to the greater work that the team does. Kelly Alfsen, Jamie Bolzak, Scott Jakel, Nicole Knoblock, Cindy Purdy, Erica Koch and Mariah Raymond create a great working environment and help the ADS program run smoother and with a calm atmosphere.

“This team is great to work with and be a part of. The continually show the drive for wanting consumers to be successful. ADS is able to put aside many small things in benefit of the larger goal. Most of the ADS member have worked with the program for many years and have a drive to keep the program viable into the future.”

“By each of them taking on and doing what they do for the program….our consumers are happier and more vocal when they are at programming which shows their guardians and care providers they are happy."

The Prevocational Services Team in Wausau was also nominated for this award by Jennifer Rothmeyer.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Kristen Anderson, RN in Community Treatment

Congratulations to Kristen Anderson of Community Treatment, recipient of the Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Kristen is a registered Nurse in Community Treatment & Outpatient. She was nominated by Lyndsey Leach for her outstanding leadership, ability to be a role model and patient advocate. Her reliability and accountability were shining stars on the nomination form.

“She advocates for improvement, change, and better care for her consumers and they are truly lucky to have such a wonderful nurse on their side. In terms of her colleagues, she has demonstrated an aptitude for leadership by taking a massive hand in orienting all of our new nurses. She is able to effectively educate and teach, while also preparing these nurses for the independence and autonomy that comes with community treatment nursing. She has been an integral part of the team, and the one our nurses usually look to when they need advice, help, or questions answered. Despite being a constant resource, she does not seem weary of it, and instead glad to help her peers out."

“Kristen's actions and behaviors have a massive impact on not only her peers, but also the community as a whole, as she impacts a great deal of people who struggle with mental illness and substance use in the Wausau area. She is constantly trying to find better ways to serve her consumers, and I think a lot of consumers avoid crisis situations, inpatient stays, or increased struggles because they have Kristen on their side, advocating for them and there to help."

"Because of her experience, and education, she is great at spotting issues with consumers before they become crises, and getting them the appropriate help, attention, and services within the organization. Her peers in community treatment have had nothing but wonderful encouraging things to say about her and shout out often to the fact that they are extremely happy to have such a caring, compassionate, and strong presence on their team."

"She really is a fantastic human being and a nurse. We are so happy to have her on this team..."

Other nominees for this award included Sue Pfuhl, Katie Garcia, Jodi Mikes, Jeananne Takala, Gina Laszewski, Brittney Mengel and Amanda Steinfest. Congrats to all our nominees!

3rd Quarter 2021 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

IMS Team

Congratulations to the IMS Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The IMS Team was nominated twice this quarter by Kendra Eisner in Pharmacy and Ashley Downing of HIM/IMS. Team members include Todd Shnowske, Jennifer Moore, Lisa Murkowski, Chue Xiong and Lori Feck.

This team worked countless hours across the entire organization to launch Go Live with Cerner Millennium. This team was crucial to making the transition go smoothly and have been a valuable resource for answering tough questions.”

“This was an entire team effort and had so many people involved in the project itself, but these people were the superstars!”

“A project like this is not for the faint of heart. It takes a ton of tenacity and patience to make sure we have the software to the state where it is ready to use on the floor.”

Also nominated for this award was the Jelinek Residential Team, Communications & Marketing, Pine Crest Gardening Team and Pine Crest Quality Team.

Outstanding Service Excellence Service Award

Merry Malone, Accounting

Congratulations to Merry Malone, Accounting Assistant, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Marry was nominated by Bobby Splinter. Bobby shared that “Accounting had plans for training a newly hired employee in the Cashier’s office, however the employee to train the new person decided to depart our organization. Their backup had a family emergency, leaving the new employee’s first day on the job with no trainer. Merry went above and beyond by immediately jumping into the cashier’s office and sitting with the new employee for the next week and a half, taking time away from her daily/weekly tasks to train. Our new staff felt supported and is better off to a better start than I could have imagined, given the circumstances at hand. Merry has so much knowledge of the processes and procedures. She did a terrific job.”

“Merry took the stress off the rest of the department. The Accounting team was extremely busy with preparing critical annual cost reports for Medicaid and Medicare related to MVCC and Pine Crest. Without Merry taking the lead, the rest of the department’s assignments would have fallen behind. Further, our residents and community were better served as we were able to keep the Cashier’s office open and operational.”

“Merry Continually exceeds expectations and has been instrumental in providing pertinent information to other staff on the history of our processes and procedures..”

“Merry’s great work, adaptability, and integrity make our organization and community better.”

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Alexa Kufalk, Outpatient Psychiatry

Congratulations to Alexa Kufalk, recipient of the Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Alexa was nominated twice for the award this past quarter, by Lindsay Leach and Cassie Krueger. Her teamwork with Cerner implementation and her leadership skills as a nurse were both highlighted in her nominations.

“Alexa has been a terrific role model for not only her department, but for Community Treatment as well. She continually goes above and beyond by taking on extra roles, responsibilities, and helps out at our other work sites and locations as well. Recently she has taken on the role of Cerner Super User, which has been extremely beneficial for our entire team since she has put so much thought and care into taking that on and taking it on extremely well. Though this has added an extremely large amount of work to her already busy schedule, she does it without complaint, and with enthusiasm to help others. She is always looking for creative solutions to problems or issues we might face and is a leader among her peers. She is truly a wonderful nurse and has great passion for her job. You can see that she enjoys helping take care of those in her community, especially the children, and takes great pride in watching their accomplishments during their care.”

“Alexa is a great asset to have on the team as a leader for her peers, a source of knowledge, and as a role model for others in our department to look up to.”

Also nominated for this award was Al Barden, Chloe Nylund, Erika Koch, Heather Brownell, Jeff Nelson and Josie Herman.

2nd Quarter 2021 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Community Corner Clubhouse

Congratulations to the Clubhhouse Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The Clubhouse Team makes significant contributions to advance the position and reputation of MVCC and NCHC by their efforts to serve our community. Nominated by an IPS Employment Employee in Community Treatment, the team was recognized for being a vital for consumers in the IPS program.
Employees at Clubhouse include Mike Frankel, Patrick Bacher and Paia Yang.

“Clubhouse helps consumers keep working on and maintaining their financial independence and provide our IPS team the access to work with our consumers in a setting where we can work on resume building, job searching, interviewing, benefit reports and analysis. Clubhouse Team went way beyond to demonstrate that overall how valuable we can be working together and collaborating two teams to forma a stronger partnership for the future of the organization.”

“A proactive approach and caring attitude shown from Clubhouse created better relationships with our team, with our consumers seeing and feeling welcomed in the community. Clubhouse advocated daily the safety standards to their members and visitors….”

“Keeping their doors open during this these times in the community was a top priority and their success helped us keep building meaningful relationships with consumers, employers and our community.”

Also nominated for this award was the Motivational Interviewing Team and Volunteer Services Team.

Outstanding Service Excellence Service Award

Cagney Martin, Staff Development Specialist

Congratulations to Cagney Martin, Staff Development Specialist, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Cagney consistently achieves exemplary performance and has excelled in supporting the programs and services of NCHC. She was nominated by Andrea Hebert who was quick to point out that “Cagney is such as advocate for NCHC Person-Centered Service and Core Values in everything she teaches and loops back to the Core Values in any topic she is teaching.”

“She comes up with fun, creative ideas to keep our staff interested in learning and comes up with techniques to help them learn.”

“In Infection Prevention sessions, we have heard so many positives from staff that the sessions went great, real life oriented, and we made them fun with hands-on. We are actually seeing staff doing more cleaning of equipment. This impacts the health of everyone who is here at NCHC, staff, clients, visitors as our goal is to reduce and eliminate viruses from spreading.”

“Cagney also does a phenomenal job of teaching dementia as well as Person-Centered Service in orientation.”

Also nominated for this award was Sue Pyan and Nicole Krause of Pine Crest.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Kristin Verhulst, Community Treatment

Congratulations to Kristin Verhulst, recipient of the Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Kristin is and Employment Specialist in Community Treatment who exceeds standards and effectively works to ensure optimal patient experience and uncompromising Person-Centered Service. Kristin was nominated by a Community Treatment Nurse who submitted that “Kristin is a vital member of our team who always has a positive attitude and never scoffs when her assistance is needed.”

“Kristin makes our jobs easier and her help allows us to focus on helping our clients in other ways.”

“Not only does Kristin support our clients with finding and keeping jobs, she also assists them with schooling. Kristin often sees clients at their place of employment to ensure they are performing well, and does so at night at times.”

“Clients wouldn’t be able to be productive members of society without Kristin’s work.”

Also nominated for this award was Amanda Steinfest, Bradley Sperger, Carries Bussiere, David Peterson, DeeDe Grund, Micki Alfsteen, Rachel Reihle, and Shannon Butler.

1st Quarter 2021 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Pine Crest Covid Unit Team

Congratulations to the Pine Crest Covid Unit Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The team was nominated by a member of the team who felt that the teamwork and dedication of the entire team shined during this pandemic. Your great work does not go unnoticed!

"This team had a large amount of stress put on them, caring for residents who were very sick. They worked with minimal help and equipment, often for long hours. They never questioned anyone’s job on the unit. With little preparation, their job was done without complaint. Very resourceful and able to come together as a team. This group deserves all the praise you can give them. A great team to work with!”

Also nominated for this award was the HIM Chart Retention Team, Community Corner Clubhouse Team and Adult Behavioral Health Hospital.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Marie Santos Godleske Pine Crest, Food Services

Congratulations to Marie Santo Godleske of Pine Crest Food Services recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Nominated by Pine Crest Appreciation Committee, Marie is well deserving of the honor.

“Especially throughout this pandemic, Marie is like sunshine on a cloudy day! She is always positive, friendly, energetic and has a great sense of humor. She is a joy to work with and works hard. She goes out of her way to do special things for staff and residents (i.e. garnishing their plates for anniversaries or birthdays).”

“Her positivity has been needed and much appreciated amongst staff and residents.”

“She has brought her homemade eggs rolls for staff a few times and has worked with Life Enrichment to coordinate special things.”

Jill Nelson in Business Operations was also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Paia Yang, Clubhouse

Congratulations to Paia Yang of Clubhouse, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Nominated by a member of her team who feels Paia passionate, compassionate, dedicated, caring, empathetic, and kind.

“Paia always brings the energy to Clubhouse. Whether it’s a good or a bad day, Paia engages with members equally. Paia is passionate, compassionate, dedicated, caring, empathetic, and kind. She truly enjoys her job and it shows every day. Even during the pandemic, as Clubhouse Employment Specialist, she was able to secure employment for members.

“Paia is a model employee following and believing in the Core Values of the organization. We have a small team and through the pandemic and all our challenges. She can be counted on to bring her best to the clubhouse. Everyone who works with her is impressed by her drive, spirit, and dedication to our members."

“Paia attains 15 Member Experience Surveys a month and it shows in our Patient Experience Score percentage - 93.6% of members find our service at Clubhouse to be Excellent.”

Other employees who were nominated for this award include Kelly Alfsen - Adult Day Services, Megan Arrowood - MVCC - Northern Reflections, Beverly Bailey - MVCC - Northern Reflections, Erika Koch - Adult Day Services, Brittany Kuehn - Behavioral Health Services, Betty Lloyd - Pine Crest - Long Term Care, Angela Schultz - Pine Crest - Long Term Care, Amanda Steinfest - Pine Crest - Post Acute Care, Amy Stiver - Pine Crest - Post Acute Care and Laurie Wegner - Pine Crest - Long Term Care.

Outstanding Leadership Award

Christina Harris, Care Coordinator, Residential Services

The Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes a director, manager or supervisor who inspires, influences and conducts themselves in a professional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community. Congratulations to Christina Harris, Care Coordinator - Residential Services for being honored with the award this quarter.

“Christina truly cares about her employees but most of all cares about the residents.”

“ She goes out of her way to work longer and harder to make their lives the best they can be. She shows in care in the way she talks to them and makes sure all of their needs are met.”

“ As the Coordinator, she is good and fair to all of her employees. She will always help you if you need it and is always willing to listen if you have questions or concerns. If she doesn’t have the answer she will find it and get back to you.”

Nominated by Vicki Sheehan, Residential Care Assistant, Bissell Street. Congratulations Christina! Thank you for your outstanding leadership.

4th Quarter 2020 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

South Shore Post Acute Care, Mount View

Congratulations to the South Shore Post Acute Care Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The team was nominated by several employees for the response, care and willingness to adapt to adversity during the initial resident Covid-19 outbreak. The team is comprised of CNAs, nurses, housekeepers, MDS coordinator, Activities, Social worker, unit clerk, nurse manager. All coming together from different disciplines to make sure the residents are kept safe and continue to have the highest quality of care.

“The team on South Shore really stepped up. Upon finding out about positive residents and staff the team on South Shore banded together to ensure the residents of that unit where cared for. That first weekend many staff were asked to work extended or additional hours and continue to do so. They are working, sometimes 12 hour shifts, with a tight N95 masks that instantly makes you hot. PPE is put on and off constantly throughout the day going in and out of resident rooms. Every three days they are tested (which is not a pleasant experience), some coming in on their day off just to be tested. They are performing multiple job duties as other disciplines cannot go on the unit. They are working with residents who have the potential to be very sick and change instantly. And even though you can’t see it (b/c of the mask), there are still smiles!”

“They are supporting each other through the tears as the long hours and stress of COVID drains them at times. They are pulling the residents through as they are isolated from their families and their other resident friends. They are smiling and happy as they walk in each resident’s room, even though they know the risk of transmission is high.”

Congratulations to the Pine Crest Rehab Team, the Pine Crest MDS Quality Coordinators, Pharmacy and the CPI Training Team who were also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Michelle Lorbiecki, Community Treatment Team Lead

Congratulations to Michelle Lorbiecki, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Michelle was nominated by staff in Community Treatment. Michelle makes others feel inspired, empowered and supported. She focuses on solutions rather than problems and brings unique perspective to our meetings. She holds people accountable and takes time out to help everyone

“Michelle has made a lasting positive impact for numerous youth and families for over 11 years here at NCHC. Now that she is in a team lead role, she is able to help even more families by guiding all of our staff to provide the same exemplary service that she provides to the families they serve. She has made a huge impact on my life as well-she has inspired me and has uplifted me daily for over a decade and for that I am truly grateful.”

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Tricia Klemp, Community Treatment

Congratulations to Tricia Klemp of Community Treatment, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Nominated by a member of her team who feels Tricia works with the most challenging individuals and does so always with a smile on her face.

“Tricia is creative with suggestions and able to reframe things for her colleagues to help re-energize and motivate them. Her skill set after the DBT training she went through has taken her service delivery to another level and has really impacted the consumers she is working with in a positive way. Tricia was the first service facilitator to advance her motivational interviewing (MI) skills and take on a coaching role in our implementation of MI, despite the additional time commitment. She not only is interested in her own personal growth and change, but in motivating others to do the same for our consumers. Continuous Improvement is the core value Tricia represents most and she is motivated by her passion to advocate for and improve the lives of those we serve.”

Outstanding Leadership Award

Connie Gliniecki, Director of Nursing, MVCC

The Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes a director, manager or supervisor who inspires, influences and conducts themselves in a professional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community. Congratulations to Connie Gliniecki, Director of Nursing at Mount View Care Center for being honored with the award this quarter.

“Throughout this pandemic, Connie’s leadership at the Incident Command level, daily workday, and with partners and other agencies has been nothing short of spectacular.”

“She has done an exceptional job dealing with the complex issues we have faced and personally has given everything she can to the organization to keep our residents and staff safe.”

“I have worked closely with her on Covid issues and she has made my job so much easier.”

“She is pushed and pulled a million different directions and always had time to ask how people are doing.”

Congratulations Connie! Thank you for your outstanding leadership.

Congratulations to Tammy Buchberger and Gina Lenz who were also nominated for this award.

3rd Quarter 2020 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Forest Jackson Team & Redeployed Staff

Congratulations to the Forest Jackson & Redeployment Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. These employees were recognized for their outstanding team work. Nominated by a manager and a new employee, the team have shined in the face of adversity through Covid-19.

"The Forest Jackson staff are completely incredible, they have taken us under their wing teaching us the ropes, seeing as this wasn’t a regular employment position. The staff have patience with asking questions, learning the ropes and getting to know all the residents and their needs. Just observing them makes me appreciate being able to help where I can. This experience of being able to work with the Forest Jackson staff provided a whole new view of NCHC and what it offers.”

Congratulations to Transportation who was also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Jessica Baumann, HIM

Congratulations to Jessica Baumann, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Jessica was nominated by staff in her department. Jessica recently volunteered to take on tasks in the HIM department when several employees recently retired. Jessica know every aspect of the job and she is willing to learn and teach others. She has become a true leader in the HIM team and is the go-to person for incoming calls, walk-ins and training staff.

“Jessica is always willing to help clients and coworkers with any questions and does with much compassion and patience. Jessica truly made my retirement transition easier with her quick learning capabilities and attention to detail.”

Congratulations to Linda Bever, Patient Financial Services and Nancy Schultz, Food Services who were also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

Linda Stankowski, Food Services

Congratulations to Linda Stankowski of Food Services, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Nominated by a member of another team who feels Linda goes above and beyond to forge new connections with residents and families.

“Linda is an employee in food services but she goes beyond the call of duty to make sure families and residents feel cared for. Linda sews as a side job. A hospice resident was requesting to wear long night shirts, bu was unable to due to their physical needs. Linda was very gracious and was able to use her skills to adapt night shirts on her own time so the resident was able to wear them. This act of kindness meets all our Core Values and shows the importance of relationships even when Linda did not know the residents or family.”

Congratulations to Pam Mack, Pine Crest who was also nominated for this award.

Outstanding Leadership Award

Scott Van Ermen, Pharmacy

The Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes a director, manager or supervisor who inspires, influences and conducts themselves in a professional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community. Congratulations to Scott Van Ermen of Pharmacy. Scott was nominated by staff in another program.

“A Highlight Reel: 1. When Covid-19 was announced her personally made 14 gallons of hand sanitizer. Character isn’t found in job descriptions. 2. In our logistics and supplies subgroup he always stays on top of current news and is volunteering to help. 3. Tracking and controlling overtime in Pharmacy - 2017 - $13,000, 2018 - $1,500, 2019 - $200. In 2 years he saved $24,300! 4> Revenue expansion - 2017: $4.3 mil 2018: $4.9 mil 2019: $5.3 mil. Journey!”

Congratulations Scott! Thank you for your outstanding leadership.

Congratulations to Chris Bleck, Human Resources who was also nominated for this award.

2nd Quarter 2020 Recipients

Outstanding Team Partnership Award

Community Treatment, ACT Team

Congratulations to the Community Treatment ACT Team, recipient of NCHC’s Outstanding Team Partnership Award. The ACT team meets daily and goes above and beyond each day to ensure that they meet the daily needs of our most intensive Community Treatment clients and that they remain safe in the community. The ACT Team works daily with nearly all departments throughout NCHC and have developed strong partnerships within our community and at NCHC.

“Regardless of illness, personal/medical leave, vacations or scheduling conflicts, the team is able to meet the needs of our consumers our clients do not have the supports of healthy friends and family or are too ill to accept support. It never fails to impress me that regardless of overwhelming barriers faced by our clients, as a team, the ACT Team all pitch in and cover the needs of our clients.” "After 15 years of case management in multiple different counties, I have never experienced the teamwork and client impact that the ACT team provides daily.”

Outstanding Service Excellence Award

Carrie Salyers, HIM

Congratulations to Carrie Salyers, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Service Excellence Award. Carrie was nominated by staff from a different department that recognized her commitment to teamwork and quality. Carrie has been working on a project that not only helps physicians and staff with coding, making their day to day work easier, its helps NCHC get reimbursed correctly and patients billed correctly. She is concerned not just for the work in her program, but how it impacts others ability and accuracy to do their own.

“Carrie has worked to make this tool comprehensive, practical and scalable for growth in the future. She communicates well with those she meets with, trying to find the right solution to making coding easier for those who use it and for those who are not experts in the field. It's been a pleasure to work with her and have her on the NCHC team!”

Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award

June Ross, Residential

Congratulations to June Ross of Residential Services, recipient of the NCHC’s Outstanding Person-Centered Service Award. Nominated by a member of her team who feels June exceeds her expectations every day.

“Even with children at home and another job, she is always flexible with her schedule and picks up many open shifts. She works with integrity and I can always count on her to make positive choices in the best interest of our clients. She treats everyone is if they are a part of her extended family and everyone looks forward to work- ing with her. June inspires me to bring 110% of myself to work and not only that, but to do it with a smile and sincere joy in my heart. Without dedicated staff like June, our group homes would not be able to run like they do. She is truly an essential part of our team and I’m so proud to have her.”

Outstanding Leadership Award

Cherie Mattson, Housekeeping

The Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes a director, manager or supervisor who inspires, influences and conducts themselves in a profes- sional manner, acting as a role model for others to follow in the workplace and our community. Congratulations to Cherie Mattson of Housekeeping. Cherie was nominated twice this quarter by staff in different programs. Staff are inspired by her authentic and humble leadership.

“The first thing I learned about Cherie was how deep her relationships go with her employees. She knows their stories and listens to their ups and downs. She takes time to explain new things, new training and new events that her employees need to know about. She is always there without a complaint or hesitation to help cover an employee who needs it. Cherie has taught me a lot about leadership. Its doesn’t have to be loud or attention getting or really anything fancy – just authentic and consistent.”